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Sacchi Lewis

Sacchi Lewis

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"Sacchi, Mr. Irvine would like to speak with you." Kerry, his assistant informed me. She leaned against the door with a small smile.

"I'll be right there, thank you."

Once she was out of sight, I let out a long groan. My head was killing me, I might've had too much drink last night. I was going to hurt Dahli and Kyra the next time I saw them.

"Looks like someone had a wild night." I raised my head seeing Selena. I've come to the conclusion that she didn't like me since I was picked to work with Leonardo. It's really sad because she doesn't even know me.

"I'm fine." I sat up straight and fixed my hair. I didn't need anyone knowing that I was currently having a wrestling match in my head with a hangover. Sadly, I was the one losing.

"You look like shit but that's not my business."

"Exactly, so why are you standing in my office? You should go find some work to do."

She scoffed. "Whatever."

I rolled my eyes watching her stomp away. This wasn't high school, that girl really needed a new hobby.

"Come in." Irvine spoke through the door. Once I entered the room, he and Leonardo stopped speaking. They seemed to have an intense argument.

"You wanted to see me?"

"Yesterday you told me that you have a few properties for Mr. Huntington to see."

"Right, one is a building but it's really beautiful. I think you'll love it and the other two are great to start building. All three are in great areas where you'll receive tremendous business."

"I would like to see them today." His voice was sharp as he typed away on his phone.

"I'll go grab my things and we can be on the way." He waved me off. I looked towards Irvine rolling my eyes. He threw me a small smile and quickly looked away. I had to remember I was doing this because of the money but this old bastard was rude.

"You're still here? Run along." This is exactly what I meant. Biting my tongue I refrained from saying a slick comment. I went back to my office to grab the blueprints and folders.

"He can be a challenge but give him time. He's a really nice man." Kerry stopped me before leaving.

"I'll try to remember that." I touched her shoulder walking away. Leonardo and I rode in a comfortable silence except for the constant tapping on his phone. "Do you ever put that thing down?"

"Excuse me?" His eyebrows raised up but his eyes never met mines.

"Since the day I met you, that phone has always been in your hand with your nose stuck in it."

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