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Dahyun found out that it was Moonbyul who tried killing herself. A staff told her, the people who are wanting to know what's happening thought it's just a staff who commited suicide. They doesn't want Moonbyul to suffer from the media so they kept it a secret.

Dahyun has the right to know because Jin was there. They kept Jin's face covered for the people not to recognize him and Moonbyul when they brought her inside the ambulance car, Dahyun got out of the scene. She doesn't know what to do, she wants to know if Moonbyul is okay, she's worried about her but there's Jin with her.

"Solar eonni." Dahyun kept waiting until people left the front of the building.

"Dahyunim." Solar called.

"Are you going to the hospital?" Dahyun asked, Dahyun put her index finger to her lips in gesture of keeping quiet. "I know, eonni. I am worried." Dahyun held Solar's arms.

"Yes, we are on our way." Hwasa and Wheein is behind her. "Would you like to come with us? You just have to wear mask and cup." Solar said.

"Uh, I-I can't. But I want to know her condition, can you call me to know if she's fine?"

Solar nodded.

"Thank you, eonnis. Thank you." Dahyun said goodbye to them before going to their van and left. Dahyun took a deep breath and went to JYP.


BTS, TWICE, BlackPink, MAMAMOO, Gfriend are all busy with their upcoming schedules. BTS released teaser photos for their comeback, Blackpink planning on making a global comeback project, MAMAMOO especially Moonbyul, after they rushed her to the hospital, RBW released her MV teaser for the fans to focus on that, TWICE head to Japan for continuing their concert. This time, with Mina.

BTS kept going back to LA, they finally went back to Korea. Jin was not around when Moonbyul gained her conciousness again.

"Byul." Her manager is there to look after her. Moonbyul looked around.

"I want to go home." Moonbyul said and removed her dextrose that made her blood splashed a bit. "Ah!" She got up.

"Hey stay here. You're under observation, look at you!" Her manager said.

"I never wished to be saved, let me go!" They stopped when the door opened, it's Jin. "I'm done here, I want to leave."

"No, you're not!" Her manager said.

"It's okay, Miss. Will you leave us for a while?" Jin asked. She sighed and left Moonbyul and Jin alone, Moonbyul avoided looking at him. "Do you have a death wish?"

"I do, I have a lot." She answered still not looking at him. Jin closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

"What's wrong?" He asked.

"Why do you have to know?" Moonbyul finally looked at him. "I never wanted to be saved, you're just making my life more complicated."

"Suicide is your way??? You said you love me, why do we have to break-up? Why do you have to die? Are you thinking of what people who love you would feel if you did that? Do you really care about me? For your reason to resolve everything by ending whatever we have? For ending your life? You're not telling me anything, that's why we argue. I said you're going to be the woman I'm marrying, you said yes. You'll wait, so why? Why are you taking it back now? You should've said it since the very start, why do you agree to get back with me?" Jin kept asking her.

"I'm sorry." Moonbyul all could say, her tears fell from her cheeks. Jin saw how scared she is.

"This is not you, Byul. I am here, if you couldn't stand alone, tell me. I am going to help you, don't do this."

Moonbyul cried. Jin approached her and gave her a hug, she let him. Jin let her rest in his arms before she could go back to sleep. Results of her tests came out and he spoke to the doctor.

"Mr. Kim Seokjin. I'm a fan, sorry." The doctor said.

"It's fine, doctor. How is she?" Jin asked.

"Well, Miss Moon Byul-yi... Mr. Kim, do you have contact to her family?" The doctor asked.

"She doesn't want them to know about this yet. She's not ready." Jin cleared.

"Oh, well... Miss Moon is okay, her blood pressure and everything... But Mr. Kim, you know the signs of depression. I am not a psychiatrist, but I'm consulting you to have her check-up. It's what we wanted to avoid and help, persons suffering from depression." Jin nodded.

"I understand, doctor."


TWICE arrived in Japan. They are excited and nervous, now that the group is complete. Mina is participating with them.

"This is a very nice gift for my birthday. It still feels like my birthday." Jihyo smiled while looking at Mina, Mina smiled back.

"Thank you." She said.

Dahyun kept acting normal, she's thinking if is it really normal when out of nowhere, she's just remembering Jungkook and their intimate moment together the last time she saw him.

She's feeling hot remembering that and she can't get it easily off her mind. She keeps shaking the thoughts out of her and excused herself from the other members. It's the night before their concert, they are done rehearsing so they got back to their Hotel. They are not supposed to be staying in a Hotel, Momo insisted to bring the girls home but their manager said it's better for them to stay where they used to when having concerts.

Mina stayed in their home, it's like TWICE really upgraded and staying in different 8 rooms. They're just alone, others gathered in Jungyeon's room. They know she hated that so much, but Momo, Sana, and Chaeyoung went there. Only Jihyo, Nayeon, Tzuyu, and Dahyun stayed in their own rooms.

Dahyun is looking outside the big window seeing the beauty of the city from her room. Distracting herself and wanting to focus for tomorrow's concert, she left a message for Moonbyul.

Then again, out of nowhere... It's like always yesterday for her when she and Jungkook did have that thing... (I don't want to mention it but let's all be mature, sorry for under 18. Get out! Kidding.) Or what they say, 'Love making' aha.

"I must really be crazy!" Dahyun sat on the floor covering her ears trying to erase him in her mind.

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