Sanjeev Nanda Established Billionaire Mansion

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BILLIONAIRE MANSION is a one-stop- destination created by the Billionaire Life Group and the first of its kind in Dubai.

Sanjeev Nanda  a serial entrepreneur in the hospitality sector with investments in India, United Kingdom and now the UAE has established Billionaire Mansion at the Taj Hotel in Dubai. 

Qualities of Billionaire Mansion:

Open from sunset till the early hours of the morning, the venue offers a completely unique dining concept with authentic Italian cuisine partnered with contemporary Japanese cuisine of the award winning RESTAURANT SUMOSAN.

Billionaire Mansion offers you a complete entertainment and culinary experience through its RESTAURANT, PRIVATE DINING ROOM, LOUNGE BAR, "DIAMOND KALIAN" SHISHA TERRACE, NIGHTCLUB AND KARAOKE PRIVÉ.

Clients are swept through the various parts of the venue enveloped in special shows, lighting, colours, and extraordinary music.

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