🐦 Chapter 5 : Carl's Life / Feb Sweeps

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🐦 Chapter 5 : Carl's Life / Feb Sweeps

Carl was entering the new diner that opened up downtown of South Side Central ..he notices a really hot attractive babe as a waitress ..

" What can I get for you sexy ? "

she asks smiling handing him a menu teasing her cleavage from her pink uniform.

It was already driving him crazy.  .

No sex for 1 year would do that to a person !

He imagines how sweet and wet she is between her legs as she asks again. .

" See anything you like ? "

he slyly grins ..

" Oh yes , but first grilled cheese with a cherry cola pepsi please ! "

he replies ready to pound her tight skinny ass behind a dumpster in the back. .

He subtly checks out her red hair and curved body perfectly made from God.

" I am Lynn , you are ? "

she asks ..

" Carl Gallagher , your future husband ! "

he teases .

She winks .

Later in the afternoon he decides to drop by for another flirtation with Lynn..

Her hair is still up in a hairnet , yet she looks refreshed ..

" Came back for more ? "

she teases her hot body walking away that gets his cock ready for action ..

" You bet , when do you get off ?

I be happy to give you a ride ! "

he teases back ..soo fucking horny. .

Then she lays into the cook who screws up one of her orders ..

" Dammit Dell , how many fucking times do you have to screw up my lunch orders ?! " she demands

He muses to himself ..

Oh fuck yes , that's his future wife right there !

" I get off in 2 hours . . you can drop me off across the Hotel Of Love ! "

she hints ..

Carl leaves a voice mail..

" Ian ..I am fucking moving into the Hotel Of Love ..gimme your best room I don't care what kind just give me one ! "

he demands ..

Cast ..

Lynn ..

Played by Jane Levy

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