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"Michael! Quit drawing penises in my damn notebook!" Calum scolded and took the pen from my hand.

I pouted and rested my head on my hand. I messed with a strand of my green hair.

"Guys this place is lame. Why did we come here again?" I asked looking around the cafe we sat in. Plants were scattered around on tables and sunlight filtered through the large windows. The place was calm and mostly empty. It was nice, but not the usual place our band hung out to write.

"We needed a change of scenery," Calum shrugged.

"And this place has food," Luke added from his seat next to Calum.

"Alright, lads," Ashton said taking a seat next to me. He put the desserts he bought in the middle of our table. "So what if for our next song..."

The sound of the cafe's door opening caught my attention. A girl with lavender hair walked in causing me to do a double take. Her hair was only shoulder length and swayed lightly as she walked. She wore skinny jeans and an oversized sweater that covered her hands. A tote bag rested on her petite shoulder. I couldn't just describe her as cute or hot. She was stunning. I felt my face heat up slightly.

"Aye look at her," Ashton said nudging my shoulder.

"She's hot," Calum commented. We all agreed.

"Okay I'm gonna go talk to her," Ashton said standing up abruptly. We all whined as he walked up to the beautiful girl. I couldn't help but be jealous. There was something about that girl.


okay ummm hi?? so this is the first "book" i've ever really written, so i'm sorry if it sucks! the next chapters will hopefully be longer (:

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