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I sat in the hospital sobbing. Dale sat next to me, trying to convince me to eat but I wasn't listening.

All I could think about was him. His blood was still on me as I sat there and everyone that passed,

Gave me a sad look.

Another sob escaped as I thought about how happy he looked earlier.

It had been a few hours now and there was still no word from the doctors on whether he was alive or not.

"Baby, come on. If he wakes up with you smelling like that, he'll really die this time." Dale said from next to me, rubbing my back.

"Shut the fuck up, Dale! Fucking shut up!" I screamed at him and he gave me a look.

"I know, damn fucking well, you're not talking to me like that." He said, eyeing me.

I sighed, letting the tears flow as I grabbed Dale's hand and look up at him.

"I'm so scared, Dale." I whispered and he kissed my head.

"That's perfectly normal, Bunny. But he's a fighter, he'll be okay." He reassured me and I nodded.

Eventhough I still didn't believe him.

"Now get some rest." He told me and I shook my head.

"Please don't make me sleep, Dale." I said softly, another tear slipping.

My face probably looked horrible at this point. My mascara seemed to be a mess because everytime a tear slipped,

It would be black.

"Bunny...you need it." Dale replied.

Sighing, I slowly nodded and was about to fall asleep when I heard a familiar voice.

"Dale! I heard what happened." Mac, Dale's boyfriend, said as he approached.

"Mac! It's terrible!" Dale said, hugging him.

"Blair, I'm terribly sorry." He told me and I nodded weakly, more tears slipping.

My heart was broken. That sight was something I never wanted to see again.

The look in his eyes replayed in my mind. His words kept repeating in my head and I felt like I had gone mad.

Then slowly, a doctor approached.

"Relatives of Mr. Santiago?" He asked and I flew up.

"Yes." I answered quickly and he looked at me.

"You are?" He asked and I started losing my patience.

"Blair Miller. His girlfriend." I told him and Dale stared at me with a distasteful look.

"Bitch." He mumbled under his breath.

I didn't tell Dale. Mainly because I didn't have time to. After that happened, the ambulance arrived.

They took him away and his driver brought me here. I called Dale on the way and told him to meet me.

I guess he called Mac.

"Mr. Santiago is a fighter," He said and I sighed in relief. "But I'm afraid his fight will be over soon."

My heart sank into the pit of my stomach as I watched his face turn into a sad expression.

"You see, his heart...is too weak."

I fell to the floor and more tears poured as I stared up at him.

"Only a heart transplant would work. But I'm afraid we don't have any donors." He finished.

A sob left my mouth and I looked at him, hating him for being the bearer of bad news.

I sighed, watching as Dale walked away speaking to him.

Probably asking questions.

I laid there, on the ground, with my dress spread out around me.

The floor was cold and I looked up at the ceiling, slowly feeling reality slip from my grasp.

I watched as Dale walked back over and sat next to me, smiling.

"He's going to be okay." Dale told me and I looked at him in confusion.

"Stop! I don't need you to lie to me, Dale!" I yelled at him and he shook his head.

"I promise." He said, leaning over and kissing my cheek.

"Now get some sleep." He told me and I sighed, not even bothering to argue with him.


"Zayn!" I yelled excitedly as I saw him walk through the door.

"Hey, Baby." He replied, walking over and wrapping his arms around me, hugging me tightly.

"I was so worried!" I said, a tear dropping onto his shirt.

"Worried?" He asked, pulling away slightly and smirking down at me.

"Yes. I thought I lost you." I told him and he wiped a tear away as it fell.

"Never." He replied, kissing my head softly.

I sighed in content and squeezed him tighter, not wanting to let go of him.

But then I blinked. And when my eyes opened again,

He was gone.

"Zayn? Where are you?" I called.

But there was no answer. I sat on the floor and cried, getting tired of all the mind games.

"Blair? I'm here, Baby." Another voice called.

A voice I knew too well.


"Leave me alone!" I screamed unable to see him.

"Baby? Baby, come here." He said and I got up and ran in the opposite direction of his voice.

I saw a doorway and ran toward it, hearing his footsteps approaching me quickly.

But as I got closer to the door, I made a jump for it, hoping that I would make it.

I did, but as I made it through the door, I flew up covered in sweat.

"Dale, I had the craziest dream." I said, then looked over to find Mac staring back at me.

Then I proceeded to look around, hoping that it was all just a bad dream.

But as I looked around, I realized that we were back in the hospital.

"Where's Dale?" I asked and his eyes snapped to mine.

His eyes were red, indicating that he had been crying.

"He...I can't." He said, getting up and dropping a note on my lap.

Then he walked away and I opened the note in confusion.

But as I read the note, I screamed out to the heavens and started running toward the surgery room.

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