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LIA'S VELVET robe flows through the Summer air. She glances softly at the flowers Fletcher just gave her. She sighs as the smell of lily's captivates her balcony. The moon stares at her while goosebumps form on her skin where the moonlight kisses her soft complexion.

"What's taking you so long to get ready?" Elijah asks "Where'd you get those flowers, huh?" Lia's cheeks start getting red while playing with her curly hair. "Oh- Uh.... they're from Fletcher..." Lia says gazing off.

"So, now you're head over heels for my best friend? Uh okay." Elijah rolls his eyes "I'm kidding." Lia ignores his comments, being too busy with thinking about Fletcher. Lia Collins wasn't the type to fall in love. Fletcher Santiago fell too quickly. Aren't they perfect for each other?

"I hung out with him. Do you have a problem with me making friends?" Lia snapped.

"Well, you guys are a little too friendly.."

"I'm just bored."

Lia Collins was a small girl with a hell of a brain and sensitive feelings. She was a compact girl, with precise expressions, smooth brown hair, with thoughtful dark eyes. She had always had a confusing face, no one ever knew if she was actually happy, sad, etc. Besides her sad face, she always had a smile amused with pleasure and affection, which aroused many people in her hospitality.

Fletcher Santiago, on the other hand, had a light complexion matching every delicate tone of his voice. His deep blue eyes and dark hair captivated everyone around his presence. He had a dainty way of life, enjoying every second of it. He was just one of those carefree boys, that do whatever the fuck they want. He was far from an over thinker. He was carefree about everything.

"So now ya using my best friend for pleasure?" Elijah smirked, "You're a bad person, Collins." Elijah claims while Lia walks out of the balcony, "No I'm not. It's just how I like to live my life."

"You have a very bad way of living, huh?"

Lia shrugs in response and chuckles at Elijah while being too occupied on picking out an outfit. She huffs the strands of her dark hair stuck on the side of her face away, letting out a dull sigh. She slips on black jeans and a varsity sweatshirt while gathering all the supplies she needs to go to work today.

She grabs her silver keys, playing Edition by Rex Orange County on her phone. She puts lipgloss on her delicate lips and smoothens out the edges of her hair. She hums lyrics while cracking her knuckles, in hope she'll have a good day today.

"Have a good day at work. It's your first day."  Elijah says and smirks while Lia walks out of her apartment. "I'm going to the cafe anyway, do you want to come with me?"

There's something charming about Elijah, it's either his goodwill or simply his kindness. But nonetheless, people tend to lie about knowing him to brag, while awkwardly avoid talking about his past. Elijah stands strong among others, despite his impulsiveness.


Lia and Elijah walk into the cafe with a settling warm breeze coming their way. "Uh, can I have two small coffees," Elijah says while rummaging through his bag, just to see a man with brown long hair slightly covers a sculpted, radiant face. With blood red eyes, set rooted within his sockets.

This was the face of Riley Adams. A true dreamer. He has an elegant, logical manner and a practical way of life. There's always been something about him. Perhaps it's his reputation or simply perhaps his warmth he brings to others.

"I can get that for you," Riley says, distracted by Elijah's dark chocolate brown eyes. Elijah awkwardly smiles while Riley dazes off, "Right! Sorry, I'm a little dazed." Riley said with soft eyes. Elijah giggles softly while taking out his money.

Elijah and Lia sit down on cushioned chairs while sipping their hot coffee. "He's cute.." Lia claims. Elijah looks down at his black boots, playing with the rips on his jeans, "Yeah, he's pretty cute. But not like that..." Lia gives him a confused but smug look, "Mhm. Okay." She winks.

He looks the other way in embarrassment to see a man with a dark demeanor and face. He stares at Elijah for a moment and walks up to Riley, snapping at him.

"Heard we have some unfinished business to talk about."

"What the fuck are you doing here, Carter?"

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