Harry Styles (Dirty Imagine)

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You wake up to see that Harry isnt next to you in bed like he normally is, it isnt usual that he wakes up before you, you throw your covers down to your feet and walk through to the living room where Harry is sitting eating a sandwhich

"why you up so early" you ask him rubbing your eyes

"its only midnight" he laughs at you, "you went for a nap babe"

"oh right" you laugh along with him

"im glad its midnight, wanna know why?" he says smirking at you

"why?" you ask him

"cus all the neighbours will be sleeping" he winks at you and a grin makes it way across your face

Harry picks you up and throws you over his shoulder and carries you into the bed that you were in a few minutes ago. He lays you down on the bed and lays on top of you, with a hand either side of your body. without telling you he grabs your top and pulls it over your head, and removes your shorts, leaving you in your brs and pants. after coming up and kissing you again he makes his way back down and removes your pants with his teeth. he starts to leave wet kisses from your mouth down your neck and on to your breast, occasionaly sucking onto your skin leaving a love bite. he leaves your breast and continues making his way down your body untill he reaches your vagina.

with out warning, he thrusts two fingers into you and starts pumping his fingers up and down. you throw your head back in pleasure as he adds in another finger.

"HARRRY" You moan his name "IM GOING TO" He suddenly exits his fingers, licking up what you had left on them.

"Harrrrrrry dont do that" you pout at him

"tough" he says sternly at you "its your turn" a smirk starts growing on his face

i smile at him before getting off the bed and pushing him to the wall. you pull his top over his head and bend down to your knees. you slowly remove his belt, teasing Harry. you being to take his trousers down, making sure you still go slowly to tease Harry.

"hurry upppp" he moans at you

"what was that?" you look at him smirking

"I SAID HURRY UP YOU SLUT" He smirks at you

"more like it babe" you rip his trousers and his boxers off revealing his huge cock.

you start to massage it in your hands before slowly sucking on the tip. moving your head back and forth you begin to put more and more of his monster in your mouth, his hands go on your head pushing your head into him more

"faster babe" 

you obey his command and start moving your head faster, taking in more of his cock into your mouth, he throws his head back in pleasure

"IM GOING TO-" Beforre he could finish his sentence his juice squirt inside your mouth and you let his cock out of your mouth, Harry looks down at you

"swallow" he commands you, smirking to himself, yet again you obey his comands before he picks you up and lays you down on your bed.he pushes you so your back is facing him as he unclads your bra and turns you back around, the way he was so forceful with you turned you on.

without warning, his whole cock enters you, he starts thrusting back and forth

"HARDER HARRY!" You command him "FASTER" He listens to you each time, with each thrust he gives you getting closer to his g spot, you feel him about to hit it


"good" he smirks. as soon as he finishes that words your juices explode onto him, as he exits you it drips down to your leg, Harry makes his way back down and starts liking you clean once done so, he gets of the bed and leaves the room

"where are you going?!" you ask him 

"preparing for round 2" he smirks at you and exits the room

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