Chapter 11

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I read that to my mom so she put on the original Grim Fairy Tales. It was weird.

The Akatsuki members turned around, leaving Pain and Naruto to play, as they headed back inside. Once they were far enough away that they couldn't hear Naruto's giggling they looked at each other in confusion.

"What just happened?" Zetsu asked.

"I have no idea." Kakuzu shrugged, playing with one of his strings.

"From the sound of it, we are going to be moving to Uzushiogakure soon." Itachi said, bending down to pick up Loki and stroking his black fur.

"They were so freaking cute! Oh my Kami! It has been so long since I seen Nagato laugh and enjoy himself!" Konan squeeled happily at the cute scene they had seen.

Tobi popped his head into the room. "Tobi is a good boy! Tobi made breakfast!" Tobi said happily, leading everyone to the dining area. The table was piled high with food. Bacon, which is the food of the God's, sorry Naruto, pancakes, baked oatmeal, waffles, scrambled and dippy eggs, hashbrowns, and any other breakfast food you can name. However the baked oatmeal was specifically for Naruto. Tobi knows it is his favorite breakfast food of all and he likes to eat it with lots of chocolate chips and diced strawberries. Everyone sat down and silently agreed to wait for the two missing people. After another ten minutes both Naruto and Nagato walked in. Everyone was staring at them.

"What? Is there something on my face?" Nagato asked as he wiped at his face, trying to make sure there was nothing there.

"No, there isn't anything on your face Nagato!" Naruto giggled again and Nagato smiled at him softly, happy that Naruto is now happy.

Tobi picked Naruto up and put him in his seat before placing his food and some hot chocolate in front of him. "Tobi is a good boy! Tobi made your favorite breakfast!" Everyone stared at him in expectation, not really knowing what to do.

Nagato went over to Naruto and grabbed his fork. "Can't have you choke now can I Naruto-sama?" He teased as he cut up the oatmeal. Naruto giggled again, blushing a faint red, before slapping Nagato's hand away from his food, before he wolfed it down.

Nagato cleared his throat. "Naruto wants to rebuild and reclaim Uzushio as is his birthright. He is the new ruler there and we will be moving there. There is a seal in place that requires a lot of chakra, however it will rebuild the lost village to it's former glory." Nagato explained.

Everyone was silent at that. "When do we leave?" Sasori asked.

"When we pack up the base. We will travel through Suna to get there." Nagato wiggled his eyebrows at Naruto who blushed, thinking about a certain red head there.

"S-stop it." Naruto blushed a little more and his his face behind his hot chocolate.

"It's okay dobe. There is nothing wrong with your Panda-chan." Sasuke said, scooping up Loki from Itachi's arms and handing him to Naruto. The cute little fox kit wagged it's tails and licked Naruto's face. Naruto opted not to say anything and instead chose to nuzzle the fox kit. Soon, everyone left to pack up the base leaving only Naruto and Loki who yipped.

'Kit...' Kurama yawned. 'How would you like a late birthday present?' He asked.

'What is it?' Naruto asked, a little wary. Last time he did that Naruto couldn't go out for a week straight because Kurama gave him nine tails.

'I can give you the ability to understand foxes if you want?' Kurama huffed, knowing exactly what his jinchuriki was thinking. How dare that blonde brat be so ungrateful? 'But if you want to be like that I won't give it to you.' Kurama crossed his arms over his furry chest as he huffed in mock anger.

'No! I want it! Pleeeeeeeassssse?' Naruto begged, using his over powered kit eyes on the old fox. Kurama's ear twitched as he tried to resist the urge to give in and cuddle the cute little blonde he practically raised.

'Fine... Demon Technique: Hidden Language!' Kurama said, making twenty hand seals before expelling chakra towards Naruto. 'There. You happy now?' Kurama asked, like Naruto was the one who though up the idea instead of him.

Naruto frowned. 'Sooooo... What does it do?'

'You can now understand foxes, dogs, wolves, coyotes, dingos, and oddly enough, cats. It comes in handy.' Kurama explained. 'Now go away. I want to have my beauty rest.' Kurama said before kicking Naruto out of his own mind.

"So I really like this new name you gave me. It is the best! Thank you for rescuing me from that fox trap! People can be so stupid... Hey did you know that I can actually use chakra? I can use medical ninjutsu. I have no idea why I am even doing this because you can't even understand me..." A voice said. I looked around before looking back at the fox kit in my lap.

"Hey Loki. How are you so far?" I asked, just to make sure Kurama was not pranking me again.

"I am doing great! I like it here! By the way, I am three years old were I am from! It's soo great there! It's a pity I can't take you! My family would love to meet you!" Came the yipped reply. Naruto was so amazed and not expecting it that his jaw dropped open.

"I-I can understand you now!" Naruto breathed.

"Yay! As a way of repaying your kindness to me, I have decided to stay with you and aid you in anyway necessary!" Loki said, preforming a small bow.

"There is really no need to do that!" Naruto waved his hands in front of him shocked by what the fox said. "I was happy to help."

"I will stay anyway. That Nagato person is calling you by the way. Seems like we are ready to go to Uzu." Loki said, tilting his head. Naruto stood up, holding the fox kit in his arms before making his way to the Akatsuki.

"Time to go motherfucker! If you don't hurry up I will sacrifice your ass to Jashin-sama!" Hidan cursed at Naruto as he came into view as he waved his blood red three bladed scythe around. Tobi kamuied them into the hot sands of Suna and almost instantly, Naruto found Gaara's chakra signature. It was really close and closing in fast.

Sure enough, when Naruto blinked, a red head had appeared in front of him and the Akatsuki members backed off a little bit. "G-Gaara!" Naruto stuttered out.

"Where do you think you are going?" The red head said coldly, but Naruto could see the playfulness in his eyes.

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