Another Infirmary Visit

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Really quick authors note guys! Sorry I know how painful these can be. I just wanted to personally thank everyone for all the support and for reading my fanfic. It means the world to me, honestly. I'm having so much fun writing this and you guys are just way too awesome. Thank you!!!

Annabeth's POV
I immediately bolt upright and look around frantically. Someone manages to find the light. I get up and try to locate the noise. Katniss is up with me. I think she just got back as she's still dressed, although her jacket's off. Everyone else is starting to stir. Finally I see the victim. Hazel. I rush to her side with Katniss. Percy and Hermione soon join us. Hazel is lying on her bed in a ball crying, clutching her chest. I'm worried now. She looks like she's in pain. "Hazel. Hazel, what's wrong?" I ask gently.
"C-can't. Breathe." Hazel wheezes, her voice scratchy and small. I gasp. "Oh god." Katniss mumbles. Ginny comes over to help. "We need to get her to the infirmary." Hazel cries even harder. We know how much she now hates the place. "I'm so sorry Hazel, but we have to." I say frantically. We're running out of time. Hazel is slowly turning blue. Oh gods. I try to pick her up and fail. "I can't pick her up!" I scream, tears now streaming down my face. I'm strong but at the moment I'm tired and panicked. Percy comes to my aim. In one movement he picks Hazel up and puts one arm under her legs and the other around her waist. Hazel cries in his shirt and wraps her hands around his neck. Everyone is up now. "Let's go." Percy yells. We nod and agree that Percy and Hermione will go. Ginny and myself will try to find Four and Six. Katniss stays here to make sure everyone else is okay. Ginny and myself wait until the others have left before we set off. I try to stop my tears but fail. So I run with Ginny through the compound with tears blurring my vision. I hope they get there in time. I can't lose Hazel.

Tris' POV
After we put the scores up Tobias and myself went back to his place. He said I could stay the night. We didn't do much. Just had some Dauntless cake and watched a movie. We talked too. It's nice just to be able to sit down and talk about random stuff. What I didn't expect though was to be waken at 3:47am by someone knocking on the door. I wake first and groan. Just as I'm getting up Tobias wakes. "I'll get it." I say sluggishly.
"I'll go Tris, it's my place after all. Rest."
"Together?" I ask. I can imagine him smirking in the dark as he takes my hand. We both slowly approach the door hand in hand. Once we reach it we let go and he opens the door. Both of us are taken back. So are our visitors. Annabeth and Ginny greet us, looking panicked. Both girls have tears rolling down their faces. I must say, we didn't expect this. You can tell too. First of all we're both in Tobias' apartment when they know that we don't live together. Also, our clothing isn't great. I'm in black short shorts and one of Tobias' jumpers while he's just in boxers. Well done Tobias. "What's up?" I ask, slightly annoyed. My cheeks burn slightly from embarrassment. This is really awkward. "Well it', Hazel is Um.."
"Hazel is going to the infirmary." Ginny says, helping Annabeth out. Oh no. The rankings. "Who stabbed her?" Tobias and myself both ask. They look at us strangely. "No one," Annabeth says. "She can't breathe." My eyes go wide. First Augustus and now Hazel. We're dropping like flies. "Oh." I say. I'm speechless. "Do you need us?" Tobias asks. Good point actually. "Um, maybe. Sorry we just don't know what to do and we're all so st-"
"Hey it's okay. I'll come with you guys." I say. Annabeth sighs and smiles at me. "Thank you."
"I'll go to the dorms and make sure everyone else is okay." Tobias adds. We tell them to wait while we put different clothes on. They didn't object. I put on sweat pants and runners while Tobias finds a shirt, pants and his sneakers. I kiss him before we go back out. "Love you."
"Love you too."

At the infirmary chaos has erupted everywhere. Annabeth came with me while Ginny went with Tobias back to the dorms. Nurses are running around everywhere. As soon as we step inside I spot Percy and Hermione immediately. They stand out since they're not rushing around. Just sitting. We run over to them. Both look relieved when they see us. "Six," Hermione breathes, almost in awe. "You came." I nod and smile. "Of course. Where is she?"
"Not sure. Maybe surgery. They took her away immediately and so far we know nothing." I nod and sit next to her. Percy and Annabeth are hugging each other and talking quietly. I must say they are quite cute together. If they are together that is. I'm not 100% sure. An hour passes and we're still sitting. I'm not sure where Tobias is and the initiates won't go back, it doesn't matter how much I argue. We are all super tired. At last a doctor emerges. "Hazel Lancaster?" Us four stand. He walks over to us. "Hey, I'm Doctor King. Hazel is fine and you can see her in a moment. We know why she couldn't breathe and you're not going to like why."
"Please just tell us!" Annabeth pleads. He sighs. "Unfortunately Hazel has developed a form of cancer. She has Thyroid cancer with metastasis forming in her lungs." We all gasp. Annabeth stifles a sob. Oh Hazel. "Is she okay?" Annabeth asks. Doctor King let's out a sigh. "For now. She can be let out, at the earliest, tomorrow. From now on though Hazel must carry an oxygen tank with her. She also must wear nasal cannulas. There is medication also. If you like you can see her." I take a shaky breath and make the tears welling up in my eyes go away. I need to be strong. Brave. Dauntless. We all go in to see her. Luckily she's asleep. Otherwise she would've heard us all gasp and Hermione start sobbing. We all nearly do. Annabeth wipes tears off her cheeks. Hazel's lying on the bed as white as a ghost. She's hooked up to various machines and already has her nasal cannulas in. She looks so sick and helpless. Oh Hazel. I hug Hermione as Annabeth slowly walks up to Hazel and takes her hand. "It's so cold." she mumbles through tears. I feel a tear slide down my cheek and I don't even bother to wipe it away. It's okay to cry now, if I need to. These guys have been through so much and it's only just been Stage One. I stay for half an hour, in and out of her room, until I make the initiates go back with me. They need rest too. Our trip back to the dorms is silent, everyone still in shocked. When we reach the dorms everyone is asleep. Tobias got them under control obviously and is gone now. "Night guys. Please get some sleep." I practically beg. They nod, not looking too convinced and find their bed. I leave and stumble back to Tobias' place. Just one more stage to go and we're done. One more.

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