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Hanako sometimes dissapears out of nowhere to go to his 'meetings', Yashiro usually didn't mind it since she could sneak out of her toilet cleaning for a bit but when she accidentally turned to a fish today she didn't appreciate it.

Of course, Hanako- being the self proclaimed 'best ghost friend Yashiro has ever had'- placed her in her small fish tank, but it annoyed her. She has other things to get done today but all Nene did was play around in her temporary home.

A loud sound interrupted her train of thought, terrified, she looked at the space next to her.. A giant bird was poking at the glass she was in.

"BIRD LEAVE ME ALONE! SOMEONE SAVE ME PLEASE!" She screamed but it was all useless, no one was going to save her from her tragic death.

"This is the end, this is how I am going to die..." Nene sobbed, feeling desperate.

The bird pushed roughly the tank, tilting it and making it fall with Yashiro in it. The small fish screamed when seeing the toilet she was about to fall into. A very unlucky day for her indeed.

The bird pressed lightly on the toilet's handle, dragging the water and Nene.

By the time Hanako was back, the small fish was long gone. He mourned the loss of his best friend, until a few days later;

"They say if you flush the toilet sixty-nine times and scream a fish will appear and drag you in."
"Is that even a rumour?"

"I don't know, but it's-"

A scream was heard.

"Uh oh."

- - - - -

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