The Death of an friend

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After an couple of hours later. Becky was looking around as she holding her gun around her side as she could smell fire. She was walking fast with Curtis, Edgar and the others trying to find an way out.

"Curtis we have to get out of here now, I can smell fire I think chan got to the place" - Becky said fast.

"But we have to get Manson, if not how are we going to get to the front" - Edgar said.

"We don't have time.. If we don't move we die" - Becky said scared as Curtis grabs your arms.

"Listen no one is going to die, I will make sure of it. Becky you need to clam down and stay focus" - Curtis said gently as Becky looking down. Everyone else was going on leaving Curtis and Becky alone.

"I- I can't I'm scared Curtis. All my life I have to been brave or help people and I don't think I can now. Not without my granddad, he has always helped me a-and now he is not here I can't " - Becky said lets out an tear. Curtis gently took her chin up and cleans her tear away.

"Now you take all that back, you are the most bravest, amazing and well prettiest women I have ever known in my 18 years on this train. Without your brains we wouldn't have got this far, Becky you mean loads to mean than you ever know" - Curtis said

"You really mean that" - Becky said as Curtis stroking Becky cheek gently.

"I mean it.. Now come on" - Curtis said as Becky took Curtis hand walking fast with him.

As they keep walking, they caught up with the others as they saw Edgar looking scared. Becky was holding her gun right, some more of the guards came along with some exes and she glares gently.

"Now there is an party" - Edgar said to himself as they started fighting again. Becky was shorting some guards. She then stops after an few minutes as she looking at Curtis. Curtis was fighting more guards as he saw Manson main bodyguard named Andrew as she grabs Curtis arm fast.

"I have just realised something, it's new year eve" - Becky said fast.

"You know this is not the time Becky, did you not see Andrew and your talking about that" - Curtis said as Becky looking at Curtis gently. Everyone stops fighting as the guards were saying happy new year holding there axes.

"I hate getting old, I just do" - Edgar said as Becky laughing gently going up to him and hugs him.

"Everybody get down" - Curtis said as Becky breathing fast confused. Edgar pins her on the ground next to him protective as they went under an tunnel. Becky was looking up on the ground as she saw an huge creepy guard with blood on his teeth looking at her smirking as she looking away sighing.

"What are you doing, he is high as an fucking kite" - Edgar said shouting at Nam and Yona were looking at the window. Then the tunnel was clear as she stood up looking around seeing the fire was put out due to the tunnel and loads of people dead. She then saw Manson at the other side as her leg was cut open and two guards were taking her away.

"That bitch is not getting away" - Becky said going fast her when she heard shouting as Curtis grabs her before Andrew threw the axe at her. She breathing fast holding his shoulders. Edgar was taking by Andrew and killed by an sword.

"NO!!! " - Becky said screaming shouting as she shot Andrew shoulder but just missed him. Curtis was grabbing her arms taking her away with sad eyes.

"We have to go Becky, Manson is just ahead"- Curtis said sad.

"You don't have to, we have this bitch" - Tanya said holding Manson hard.

"No.. No we have to get Edgar, no please" - Becky said screaming scared as Curtis took her away with Tanya, Nam and Yona.

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