Chap. 3

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Trinity's POV

So then what happened?" I asked, bumping the ball back to Nicole.

"She started talking about how Shane Dawson just talked to me," Nicole said, spiking the ball.

I bumped it back to her. "You know how Kenzie gets when she's hung up on a boy."

"It's pissing me off," she muttered, spiking the ball at me.

I bumped it back to her. We did this repeatedly, until my arms were red and swollen with imprints of a volleyball.

"Sorry," Nicole muttered, looking at my arms.

"It's cool," I said, with a smile. "What are best friends for?"

"Pack up the balls ladies," Coach Kat called, twirling her fingers. "Let's call it a day."

I picked up the volleyballs around the gym and grabbed my stuff.

Nicole was helping disassemble the net.

I went into the bathroom and let my hair out of the messy ponytail. My brown hair fell to the bottom of my shoulder blades in thick waves. I ran brush through it and checked out my outfit in the mirror. I was wearing a pair of blue, Nike spandex and a pink t-shirt with a breast cancer symbol. It had my last name and the number 2 on the back.

"You coming?" Nicole asked, poking her head into the bathroom.

"Coming," I said, following her outside. I hopped into the passenger seat.

The radio blasted Ass Back Home by the Gym Class Heroes and featuring Neon Hitch.

"I have an idea for the video," Nicole said, turning down the volume.

"Already?" I just showed her the song this morning.

"I've been thinking about it," she said, a slight blush creeping onto her cheeks.

I chuckled. "Alright, let's hear it."

"Well what if it was based at a carnival?"

Nicole and carnivals, she's always loved them.

"And what happens at this carnival?"

"Well in the beginning of the vid, we show you walking down the beach with your boyfriend, all cuddly and stuff. Then at the carnival, we show him with another girl? And you see him in a couple of different places with her, like winning her a teddy bear and taking photos with her in one of those cheesy photo booths, you know little stuff like that. Then you tell the girl about him, and she can like do something to him. I haven't quite figured that out yet."

"And the B-Role?"

"The beach."

"I like it."

She smiled. "Great! I'll get a couple of kids from the drama department to help us out."

We pulled up to my house. Tyler's car was here.

"Call me," Nicole shouted, with a smile.

I went inside, dropping my volleyball bag and backpack in the front hallway. I went into the kitchen and grabbed a couple of Oreos. I headed out to the living room to watch some MTV, but Shane and Tyler were on the couch, the TV off. Tyler had his guitar out.

"Don't you have your own house?" I said to Shane, my hands on my hips.

"Well hello to you too," he said, a smirk playing on his lips.

"Hey Trin," Tyler said, with a smile.

"Can't you guys take this somewhere else?"

"Not really," Shane said.

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