{AC} Chapter 1

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A dream...

I opened my eyes, stifling a yawn and placing the memory in the back of my mind as my sleep induced haze lifted. Small rays of sunlight penetrated the blue velvet blinds and a grandfathers clock rang six times somewhere outside the bedroom of the lavish apartment. I rose to a sitting position on the bed, silk covers loosely hugging my lingerie-clad body, arms stretched out above me as I looked to the man lying by my side.

"Wonderful night, wouldn't you agree Andrew?" I smiled, caressing a cheek with an outstretched hand, his pale skin chilling to my touch. "Too bad I had to kill you..."

I slipped out of the bed, letting out a small sigh, and picked up the short tube dress and heels that were sprawled haphazardly on the creme carpeted floor. Entering the bathroom, I fished through my purse for my phone and made a call. The line picked up after the first ring, but there was a moment of silence before a gruff voice answered.


"Target terminated," I replied, balancing the phone between my shoulder and head as I tied up my hair and turned the faucet on.

"The cafe," came the short reply and the line went dead.

I quickly washed up and redressed, applying minimal makeup and combing my hair through before exiting the silent apartment.


"Sarah!" a young man waved from the front entrance of the small cafe, his face lighting up at the sight of me. I supressed a small groan.

"How are you, love?" he asked, smile still on his face as he took my hand and lifted it to his lips in greeting.

"Calvin..." I replied curtly, pulling my hand out of his grasp.

He opened the door for me, chuckling, "Don't be like that, love. I breaks my fragile little heart. Now you go on and get us a table while I buy us some drinks."

I slid past him with an eyeroll and found a small table in the back corner where we could talk in private and took a seat, eyeing the cafe. Classical music played softly in the background and only a few others were present; some were lying on bean chairs, reading from the small selection of books available on the other side of the room, while a couple others were seated at tables, sipping coffee and their laptops open before them to finish the small tidbits of work they had left.

Eyes resting upon my companion, I watched him flirt with the barista as she got our order and let out an annoyed sigh.  If I had to describe Calvin, I'd say that he was a tall, lean, dirty blonde British man of 27 years with rugged handsome looks and undeniable charm; all of which he knew and used to his advantage. I disliked his teasing and playful personality, but knew that under all of his cockiness, he was a skilled and calculating killer.

With one last wink at the barista, Calvin came my way with two steaming cups in hand.

"One caramel latte for the pretty lady and one vanilla bean coffee for her wonderful companion," he announced, placing the cups on the table as he took the seat across from me.

"Wonderful?" I snorted. "Suuuuuuure..."

He nodded, a playful smile hinting on his lips, his eyes wandering up and down what was visible of myself from above the table. I sent him an annoyed glance, but patiently sipped my coffee, waiting for his evaluation to end.

"Hazel eyed brunette," he finally commented.

"In the interest of my last target," I nodded.

"I like the hair; makes you look older, more sophisticated. Your blue eyes are much more captivating though; hazel is such a dull and boring color. No personality shines through at all. And that dress..." he purred, eyes traveling down once more, "Such a sexy red, it hugs your body perfectly. And is that a hickey I spy, love? You're only ninteen, quite too young for one of those; unless it is I who gives it to you, of course."

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