Basic Overview

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Who are you?

Hello! My name is Hailey (@haileyDESIGNS) and I design the covers in this shop.

What programs do you use? 

For your covers, I use only the best, Adobe Photoshop.

What do the covers cost?

In terms of money, the covers are completely free! However, you will have to give credit, vote on the chapter of this shop your cover appears in, and permanently follow me. 

How do I request a cover?

To request a cover, go to the chapter that has the name of your books genre on it. You'll find further instructions there. 

What if my genre doesn't have a chapter? 

This means that your genre is not currently offered. Leave a comment here to discuss changing that. 

How long do covers take?

That depends on how complicated the cover is and how many illustrations are needed for it. It shouldn't take more than two weeks from the time the request is accepted. 

Are all requests accepted?

No, I reserve the right to refuse any requests. If I respond to your request, it's been accepted. 

How legal are the covers you make? 

I make covers that are completely void of copyright issues so that you have the opportunity to self publish with them if you choose to. Because of this, I will not be able to make covers with photos of celebrities. 

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