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"Let's end this, Jin." Moonbyul said over the phone.

"What??? End what?" Jin asked.

"Us, let's breakup."

Jin clenched his fist hearing that.

"Where are you?" He asked calmly.

"You don't have to know where I am."

"Where are you?! I won't believe you if you'll be telling that to me in person! Talk to me!" He shouted.

"Don't make everyone scared of you, Jin! I am tired. Just tell me if you also want us to break up, let's make an equal decision."

"Why are you breaking up with me? Huh?! Again, Byul? Again? You're telling it to me this time?"

"Jin, I am tired. Of all, please. I love you, but us... Let's just let each other go."

"No, no." Jin shook his head. "You say that to me in person, talk to me!" Jin hang up.


Moonbyul closed her eyes and her tears starts to fall, she doesn't really want to end her relationship with Jin but his anger, all mixed emotions. She's really down since she got sick, she didn't gain her strength back. She can't work on her music and solo album, she just feel like she wanted to rest and isolate herself from everyone and everything.

Her phone keeps on ringing, she's in the tub. Her eyes are swollen, she looks very weak. Fragile, that any minute she could collapse again. She closed her eyes hearing her phone ringing a lot of times, she picked that up and saw Jin calling. She slowly put her phone in the water and stared at it until it turned off, her tears fell once again.

"People thought you're brave, Byul. But you're really not." She closed her eyes and shook her head, after few seconds, she took a deep breath and get under the water slowly. She's drowning herself... No one's outside, she made sure that MAMAMOO members are out away from there.

Moonbyul is sorry for everyone, she's tired.



She couldn't hear it loudy.


Dahyun woke up feeling something on her waist, she slowly opened her eyes. She remembered what happened last night, she closed her eyes back. She can't move knowing that Jungkook is beside her sleeping, he's really clingy.

She felt air on her ear, she looked up and saw Jungkook's face and he's still sleeping. They're all naked and only the blanket covers them, Dahyun really looked embarrassed and scared thinking that she gave her first to Jungkook. She mentally slapped herself and suddenly sat up.

Jungkook got startled with her action and slowly opened his eyes.

"What?" He asked, Dahyun covered herself more.

"I-I gotta go to our dorm." She said.

"Can't you just stay with me here?"

"What? No." Jungkook lazily got up and looked at her. "Both of us better get up now."


He let her wrapped the blanket to her and put her clothes on, Jungkook went out to prepare breakfast for them. Dahyun doesn't know what to do, should she get the blanket to the cleaners or what?

She opened the door.

"J-Jungkook?" She called.

"Yep?" He asked back, while on the table.

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