Chapter Three: I'll Be Seeing You All In Seven Days

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Chapter Three: I'll Be Seeing You All in Seven Days

Deva fell sick not too long after their arrival. It was as if she'd done that trick - stupid trick, really - where someone passes a hand over their face and their mood "changes." That's what Julian saw, the moment they stepped onto the soil that pronounced itself part of the mansion. The smell of burnt flesh and bloody soil filled Julian's nostrils, but the senses themselves did not exist. They were just ghosts of his memory of that day.

There was no "dubbed" name. How could there be, with only two survivors, both of which who'd separated from one another - though one was unwilling to. In Julian's mind though, it was, and always would be, That Day; the terrible day everyone lost it; the day Orazio lied; the day lives were either taken or lost. Though that was the bad day, it still didn't compare to the other day in his mind. That one peaceful day when everything had seemed perfectly fine... and when the guise of peace was pulled - more like stripped - away by the white haired girl - through Deva.

He still had two scars, one on his back where the knife had slid easily through his ribs and muscles and the other on his chest, where the knife had protruded from. A shiver passed through Julian at the memories. No matter how many times he went through them, the sensations that followed were the same. They didn't fade away, but grew more intense. The more he tried to pass through the pain, the deeper he was submerged.

Arms wrapped around his neck from behind, a greeting he was very used to by now; Adrianna. "What'cha thinking about?" she breathed the words into his ear, playing the part of a seductress. If only she knew she was just a replacement toy to him. In truth, he did want Deva. His interest in her hadn't died down after the whole... incident... but instead had increased. She'd fought off the virus enough to avoid killing him. And avoid bringing the death of her.

He still wasn't sure whether her intentions had been to save herself or him when she'd diverted the knife's path, but it was all in the past. Move on, he scolded himself, turning around in Adrianna's embrace and smiling, bringing his own arms around her.

She may be a toy, but she's one heck of a toy.

"Would you..."


"A prophecy?"

The words were distorted, coming from so many different voices, it was hard to tell if they really all belonged together in the same sentence. Zaps of energy shot past "her," the wavelengths messing with the already distorted reality of her dream. Those few zaps collided with one another before her, and the result was a large hole in the distorted reality. A hole with a fuzzy picture within. Deva's "body" drifted forward until she was a few inches away from the picture.

She couldn't see much, but a few words and emotions flowed towards her; into her.

"That's what this all


It's testing our resolve."

we don't need. You merely want."


The dream quickly switched from there, and no longer was Deva staring through a clouded mirror, but standing in her room. Thing is, her room meant the room she'd occupied in the time she'd been at the Mansion. Everything was as it had been before she and Julian had been rushed to the hospital; there was a small pile of clothes she'd neglected to wash in the corner; her bed was unmade, half of the comforter laying on the ground. Deva backtracked from the sight, all of her fears resurfacing from the ocean she'd dumped them into.

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