Episode One

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A wrongness hung in the air and draped heavily across the houseboat, stilling the gentle rocking motion I'd come to expect from the vessel. The feeling stuck to me, making my skin clammy and cool even with the oppressive Floridian heat.

"Do you feel that?" My hushed question echoed loudly in the small cabin.

Colby Jacobson's long-fingered hand continued its rhythmic caress up and down my thigh. "I do," he murmured as he pressed his lips to the side of my neck.

Even as the fear snaked closer, he relaxed, naked and unconcerned. But why should he worry, when from all appearances, he was a contented Viking god?

I shivered and snuggled closer to his warmth, inhaling the scent of clean male and sex. "Do you think Nola knows I'm here?"

My grandmother's disapproval was the only thing that would settle in my chest with such tight unease. After all, who would openly defy The Swamp Witch of Firewater Springs?

"I'm sure she does," he said, unbothered.

I jerked up and tugged the white sheet over my chest. "That's not funny, Colby."

"Do you really believe that you hide anything from her?" He dragged me back against the mattress and cradled me to his side.

I am hiding this from Nola, aren't I?

Keeping a physical relationship with the president of the local biker gang secret was an obvious rebellion.

However, my relationship with Colby was anything but normal.

Banging a thousand-year-old demi-demon was pretty epic, all things considered. Not that I'd ever been particularly rebellious by nature. There was something about Colby Jacobson that stirred me to revolt.

Snuggling against him left a strange, tingling sensation in my chest. Each time I was with him, that feeling grew stronger. I'd have to put a stop to this soon, there wasn't a future for us—a demi-demon and a witch—we both knew it. Maybe I could use Nola as an excuse.

No, I couldn't do that, he'd see right through it .Hadn't he been the one to remind me that this could go no farther than the physical? I'd had lovers before—though not many—but he was the only one that ever left me feeling—anything remotely like this sense of comfort and safety.

I draped an arm over his chest as the impending sensation of doom ebbed and waned like the water should have done—but wasn't. Everything is so still. Except the rapid beat of my heart. "She hasn't said anything to me."

"And she won't, so long as you are loyal to your family—and don't go sharing all your secrets."

Those, I had in abundance, but didn't everyone? "Is that why you're sleeping with me, Colby? Hoping I'll tell you everything I know?" Though the question was said in jest, there was still a niggling doubt that penetrated each word.

Demi-demons were notoriously self-serving and as much as I wanted to believe he wasn't like the rest—in many ways he was. Which is exactly what Nola would say and probably why she hadn't. She never was one to repeat herself.

His hand slipped beneath the sheet to cup my ass. "Is that what you think?" Something flashed beneath his lashes, dangerous and taunting.

Around us, the night sounds flickered off one by one. Each sub-species of frog silenced until there was nothing. The sheer eeriness wasn't something I could continue to ignore.

"No." This time when I pulled from his embrace, I snatched my clothes from beside the bed. "I think you have sex with me because I don't completely freak out if you like it rough and because I know what you are. And to forge a sort of witchy alliance that keeps me from flirting with all your little biker buddies." The first night I'd hung out at the clubhouse of the Northmen MC, Colby had almost burned the place to the ground to keep them away from me. Admittedly, that sort of response from him had only made him more attractive.

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