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Kirishima opened it and went to the chat, to almost immediately go pale. "Baby what's wrong?" Midoryia leaned over slightly to see the screen. "K-Kams missing."


Green eyes blew wide. "What!?" Kirishima handed the phone over, and Midoryia read through the chat.


Explodo boi: He's not in his room or balcony.

TapeMeme: He's not on the roof either

AlienQueen: Kyouka and I checked the school. Nothing

Jirou: @everyone @ Kaminari!

Jirou: @WattsUpMan

Explodo boi: @WattsUpMan

AlienQueen: @WattsUpMan

TapeMeme: @WattsUpMan

Shoji: @WattsUpMan

Tokoyami: @WattsUpMan

Pepe: @WattsUpMan

Aoyama: @WattsUpMan

Todoroki: @WattsUpMan

Iida: @WattsUpMan

Hagaruke: @WattsUpMan

Ojiro: @WattsUpMan

Satou: @WattsUpMan

Kouda: @WattsUpMan

Uraraka: @WattsUpMan

Yaoyorozu: @WattsUpMan

Kirishima's Husbando: @WattsUpMan

WattsUpMan: If I talk to you will you stop @-ing me?

Explodo boi: DENKI WHERE ARE YOU!?!

WattsUpMan: Not important.

WattsUpMan: @Kirishima's Husbando did you find Kiri?

Kirishima's Husbando: Yeah I found him.

Kirishima's Husbando: Will you please come back to the dorms now? Ei's fine. You scared him when you dropped off the map

WattsUpMan: I never left

Explodo boi: What do you mean you never left!?

Explodo boi: Whatever. But you're gonna wish you did if your not in my dorm in the next 10 minutes.

WattsUpMan: Alright I'm coming

Iida: May we please make a rule! One student must know where you are going if you wish to be alone! No more disappearing!

Todoroki: Sounds fair

Tokoyami: Agreed

AlienQueen: Did anyone else hear a yelp?

Jirou: Yep

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