His eyes fell on her. Their gazes locked to each other.

     Breathtaking was the word which came to his mind looking at her. She smiled looking at him. He smiled back.

     Ishani took her towards the special sofa made for them to sit. Shivaay too came there. Both sat down.

      Ishani went from there as someone called her.

     He leaned towards her ear whispering, 'Looking breathtakingly beautiful........jaana.' He pecked her earlobe. She clutched her lehenga in her fist breathing heavily. His one peck was enough to erupt thousands of butterflies in her stomach.

        He sat straight as if nothing happened. That bloody smirk was there on his face. She looked at him smiling.

     'Thank you.' She replied softly.

     Soon, Pinki, Harsh and Avantika gathered around them along with their friends and guests.

      After the shagun done by Pinky and Avantika, both were asked to exchange the rings.

      He held her hand in his and slid the ring into her finger before kissing the back of her palm making everyone hoot. She blushed looking down. Seems like it was just blushing day for her.

      Annika too slid the ring into his finger smiling widely. Others clapped for the couple.

     Both were lost in each other when the youngsters asked her to kiss his hand just the way he did. Her eyes widened listening to their demand. Elders chuckled. She looked at him who forwarded his hand towards her lips pleading her with his eyes to kiss it. She placed her lips on the back of his palm and he placed his other hand on his chest acting as if he's dying. Everyone cheered for them. Annika hugged him tightly hiding her red face in the crook of his neck. He hugged her back kissing her forehead.

      Everyone dispersed leaving the couple alone.

       'Shivaayyyy.' Came a sultry voice breaking their moment. They turned their heads in the direction of the voice only to see a girl in her mid twenties in a blue gown standing there with a smile on her face.

       Anger rushed to Annika's veins seeing her. She narrowed her eyes at shivaay who rubbed the back of his neck smiling sheepishly. He knew his junglee billi is in action now.

     'Why the hell you invited her?' She whisper-yelled glaring him.

      'Ummm....her name was in my friend list so.......' He said trying to be formal.

       'Friendddd?' She fumed.

    He was about to say something but the same voice again interrupted him. He got up from his seat ignoring annika who was in her glaring mode.

       'Hey, Shivaay! How are you man?' She hugged him.

     'All fine, Trisha! You say?' He said hugging her back. She gave a smirk to Annika which she royally ignored. This girl was still in her illusion world assuming that shivaay would be her prince charming. But shivaay's arms around trisha didn't go well with annika. But soon a thought came to her mind and she smirked. She too stood up from her seat.

      'Shivaay! Woh i just forgot that i didn't invite Abhik for our marriage. So i'll just come after calling him haan.' She said mentally dancing to see his reaction. He immediately shot a hard glare towards her while she smiled as if she was the most innocent girl in the world.

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