*Luke's POV*

Lunch time = seeing mate time.

I'm so jealous of Tyler's and Eves relationship.

Yes Tyler and Eve are mates so is Cody and Ava, and Brittany and Brad.

Then there's Toby who is currently mate less and me who's found my mate but is struggling to get her.

You see I'm alpha I NEED my mate in able to run the pack properly.

It's like mission impossible.

I walk into the cafeteria and see all my friends sitting at our table near the windows.

I look around trying to spot my mate.

I see her sitting in the corner with her book, alone.

Nope. Not happening.

No one deserves to sit alone. no one.

And I will not certainly have my mate sit alone.

I get the squad to get up and go sit with her.

We arrive at the table and I hear her heart beat quicken, and her smell is all over this part of the cafeteria.

It's just the most amazing smell. I can't wait until she's mine.

Like can you ima-

"Omg hi... You must be Kat that Luke over there keeps talking about. I'm Eve" Eve says cutting me out of my little world.

I look at her she has a blank facial expression. I wonder what her thoughts are.

'Well when we mark her we will know what they are.' Jackson says to me.

The thought of marking her sounds amazing. Then mating with her. Oh I can't wait. I wonder what she's like? Her body? Oh the things and places I could take her. The angles.

No stop. You can't think like that when your at school.

Stop Luke stop.

"Eve babe, I think you scared her." Tyler, Eves mate says.

Well yeah it's seems she did. I feel sorry for her. Eve can be a bit much sometimes.

I feel sorry for Tyler.

"I'm sorry Tyler but I'm so excited to have a new friend." Eve tells Tyler jumping around happily.

I look back at Kat and she looks almost frightened.

I would to.

"Hey Kat, I'm Tyler." I growl softly at the fact that Tyler said my mates name.

"This is my ma-girlfriend Eve. This is Brittany, Luke, Brad, Ava, Cody, and Toby." he continues.

Nice one dickhead nearly blow our cover. I say to myself

"And we are gonna be your new friends." Cody says looking at her happily.

We all take a seat around her table we are all looking at her.

'Dude she's hot your lucky you found your mate.' Toby says through the mind-link.

'Say anything like that again and I'll kill you.' I say in all seriousness.

I hear Britt going on a lot sleep overs and girly stuff, and I just stare and wonder why she hasn't said hello.

In fact I haven't heard her say a single word since she been here.


So that when I come up with this crazy idea to say "So Kat tell us about yourself."

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