Chapter 12

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Aiden's POV

Spencer was reluctant to go to school, knowing that his old pack shares the same one as us. He doesn't want to get hurt, but I will make sure no one ever hurts him again.

We wake up and get ready, me dressing in black jeans and a white t-shirt. Spencer dress in dark blue jeans and a black t-shirt, showing off his small muscles. He is gorgeous.

I just stand and stare at his body as he gets dressed, looking at his thin arms and legs. I realize he is underweight, so I'm happy I've been making him eat three meals a day.

We ride in my black truck to school, Spencer admiring the interior and exterior the whole way. Arriving at school, I see my buddies all waiting on me in front of the school.

Spencer walks slightly behind my, probably scared of all the students. I hold his hand, squeezing it reassuringly.

I can hear his breathing pick up as he sees people from his pack, but no one says anything to him. They just stare and whisper.

We reach my friends and I introduce them all to Spencer. "Spence, this is Eden, Cara's daughter. She will be my beta when I become Alpha. There is also Cory, who is Lana's son. He will be my Gamma. Lastly, there is Miller, my future head warrior," I explain, "And everyone, this is Spencer, my mate."

They all say hi, and Cory soon starts talking, "Hi Spencer! It's sooo nice to meet you, Aiden's been dreaming about meeting you for years. He's already obsessed with you, I can see it in his eyes." Cory smirks as he says this, trying to embarrass me. I just tell him a quiet, "Shut up."

Spencer squeezes my hand, making me feel better. I look to him and see amusement dancing in his eyes. I'm glad he's enjoying this.

The bell rings, so we head off to class. I made sure to have all our classes be the same so I could protect him. I wouldn't want him getting hurt while I'm not there.

We sit through all the boringly long classes, not having any trouble because the teachers know Spencer doesn't talk. Some Red Claw Pack members try to mistreat Spencer but I quickly put them in their place with a growl.

We walk to lunch, and I see the bitch that poured water on my mate. I know her, she is the other Alpha of the school. He mate, Mark, is the typical bully jock while she acts like she is queen bee.

Spencer's eyes land on them and he hide behind me, not wanting to get bullied. Too late, Maya locked eyes with him and is coming our way.

"Look everyone, the mute freak is hiding away from us. Pathetic," she spits at a cowering Spencer.

"Shut your loud mouth and mind your own business. No one wants to hear you talk," I say angrily. Now that our packs are going to war, I can talk to her anyway I want to.

"Whatever, you two are worthless. I'm wasting my breath just speaking to you." As she says this she walks off, leaving Spencer fuming in silence. He must be sick of her after all these years.

Eating lunch goes smoothly, all my friends have a table to ourselves and we laugh at jokes and keep things lighthearted.

Overall, this school day wasn't too bad. But what happens after school is one of the worst things I've ever seen.

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