Chapter 1 - Honourable Death

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All I can remember is the knife in his hand; speeding towards the young woman. The rest after that was all a blurr. The sweat in my palms as a ran towards her, the terrified screams of everyone else around them - all wishing the catastrophe would avert, that someone would save her; but unwilling to try to stop the man themselves. The wails of children clinging to their mothers, asking why the scary man was being so mean.

Laying on the floor with blood flowing freely from my chest I knew I was the only one willing to save that helpless victim. My hazy vision confirmed that the man and his blood soaked knife was still there, probably confused as to where I had come from. All that needed to happen now was the sirens I faintly heard in the distance close in on him and he would be sent to prison. He stumbled back in shock, and retreated into one of the winding alleys around us. I would get up and stop him, but my chest strongly disagreed with me as I tried to move. Everything was growing fainter and fainter as I wondered how much time I had left in this life. The slamming of doors and men shouting words I failed to piece together alerted me that the Police had arrived, and that they would soon be tailing the man who had stabbed me. No longer having the strength to keep my eyes open -  and not having a good reason to use up the last of my strength; I let my lids fall closed and no longer heard the sirens or screams.


What a pitiful human being you are. Dying in the place of someone unknown to you, such a idiotic way to end.

I will however, commend you for the bravery you have shown. Knowing the consequences of your almost suicidal actions, though not caring for your self; only for the one in need.

You will be a very valuable asset to me.


I opened my eyes to...


I opened my eyes?

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