The Laws Of Love 6

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Chapter Six - The Laws Of Love


I fell back onto my bed completely and utterly exhausted.  After the little stunt Rian pulled on me, I felt pretty weird.  It wasn't that I felt uncomfortable when he was close. It was the complete opposite actually. When he had leaned in, my heart sped up, my breath caught, I was in a daze. Even after he had stepped away, I was in some state of shock. I can't really explain what I felt, it was sort of  forgein to me. I felt safe and secure around him, just like Logan made me feel but, somehow better.

"WAKEY WAKEY SUNSHINE!" A familiar voice broke apart my dreams and made me open my eyes. I looked over in annoyance, I wasn't exactly a early morning person. It's Sunday for crying out loud!

"Emarie?" I asked groggily, while rubbing the sleep from my eyes. Geez, everything was so blurry and bright. 

"Yes, darling. It is she." Em's loud and bubbly voice entered my ears.

"What are you doing here?"  I asked sitting up and looking at her. How the hell is she so happy in the morning? I mean, really?!

"We're going to pick up Aspen from the airport and thanks for showing up yesterday." She stated.

"Sorry, I've been tied up with work."

"Tied up with work? What are you fifty now? It's summer! Ditch work!" She chuckled.

If only it was that easy. If only my father didn't rely on my help. The thing was though, I looked forward to work. It was something new, and exciting. It was refreshing even and for some reason, I didn't want to be anywhere else.

"Why can't she ride home with her family? Are they not all getting off the same plane?" I asked. Who does that? Who doesn't ride home with their family? God, Aspen's a weirdo but, then again that's why she's my friend.  I realized a long time ago, that all my friends were somewhat crazy.

"Yeah...but, she hasn't seen us in 3 weeks! " She shouted while smacking me with a pillow. "Now , get up," She smacked across my head again, " and get dressed." She continued once again with the pillow, "We have an hour before her plane arrives." She repeated the action causing all my hair to cover my face in a frenzy of knots.

"It only takes thirty minutes to get to the airport." I retorted in disbelief and blew some of my hair out of my face.

"Some people like to buy their bestfriend a coming home balloon or something." She said sarcastically adding emphasis on the word 'bestfriend'.

"Well I'm not this 'Some' you speak of. Aspen doesn't need gifts to be happy my friendship." I smirked at her.

"I didn't say that we're buying her friendship ding-dong."

"Ding-Dong?" I asked slowly, "You really just called me.... a ding-dong?" I asked.

"Come on! Get yourself dressed already." Emarie stated exasperated.

"Fine. Geesh." I said while walking to my closet.


"Okay, when she comes out of the terminal, let's just wave her over and show her the balloons." Em said warningly. Emarie is always the one that likes to handle things. She really does. For her mom's birthday, she planned it all and asked everyone to abide to her rules.

I watched the terminal intently, focusing on everyone's faces. Spurts of people flooded out of the gate opening.I scanned across the sea of non-familiars until settling on the girl I'd take a bullet for - Not the head but, the leg or something.

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