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ANNABELLE HAD A PROBLEM. A problem of overthinking and not being able to make decisions, which resulted in her not sticking to one thing at all. You could relate to her. That's what made you furrow your eyebrows when you read the description. Anabelle actually infuriated you. Why would she not stick to one damn thing? Is this what people felt like? When they dealt with you? Anabelle wanted to one day be an artist, and a baker the next day. She loved science, but poetry fascinated her too. She thought she "liked" someone but when confronted by him she dismissed him saying she was wrong. You scoffed at the absurdity, then realized what a hypocrite you were being.

You closed the book and kept it back in it's shelf. Just like everyday. You didn't seem to find anything worth reading, even if you did, it was as if that this urge to read had vanished. You wondered what was wrong with you. A book lover now not even being able to completely read a book.

As you walk your way out of the local library, you stare at the librarian who is staring back at you in suspicion. Anyone would be suspicious if they saw a person with their face covered in their hoodie. It's cloudy as you step outside. The dark clouds in the sky made the rumbling sounds as they thundered, it would rain soon you thought. You forgot to bring your umbrella today.

Sighing, you walk inside a grocery store which was a few steps away from the library and head towards the snack section. Contemplating whether to buy a snack or not considering your mom had asked you to stop eating these snacks. A doctor's daughter and you chose to eat unhealthy food. Once you decide what to eat, you walk over to the cashier but you stop when you see a guy with many items in his hands heading towards a different aisle. Probably the staff. For some reason him and his green cap caught your eye.

You walk towards the empty cash counter, you soon hear something fall on the ground at a distance. Your curiosity got the best of you and you look for the aisle where the noise came from.

You stood awkwardly staring at the same man, who was now on the floor. He was rubbing his head which had the green cap on. Another employee, whom you assume is the cashier here hits him on the head then helps him pick the items while scolding. "Seriously, you don't do anything properly." You overhear. The guy while picking the items looks at you, but continues picking the things up once the cashier hits him on the head again.

Scratching the nape of your neck, you walk towards the cash counter. You look outside to find that it's raining. You didn't like when it rained. The cashier returns back, with a smile he bills the items and hands it to you. "Please come again."

You had to wait for 30 mins for the rain to stop, the walk back home was quiet. There weren't many people on the street. The streets were wet, smell of the soil hit your nostrils making you smile. Though you didn't like rain, you loved the smell of the soil after it rained.

Reaching home, as usual at this hour, you found it empty. Your mom would be back in an hour or so- maybe even late depending on the number of patients she had to attend to today. You're tired from the walk, so you decided to watch some t.v while munching on your snack.

You hear a rumbling sound of the keys at the door, that must be your younger sister. You switch the channel to her favourite show.
Your sister excitedly barges in and is surprised to see you,
"You're here early" she asks, your eyes fall on her clothes which are wet from the rain.

"Go change first. Don't want you to catch cold" you turn at the TV, without taking your eyes off from the screen. She quickly rushes upstairs to change, you smile lightly at that. She was much younger than you and completely opposite to you.

When she comes back, you both watch her favourite show until your mom arrives home. The doorbell rings and you open the door for her. As she sits on the couch, you switch the TV off. You could tell she was tired and exhausted from all the work. Your sister walks in the kitchen and gets your mother a glass of water. Your mother smiles at her, "Thank you, Riya."

Riya smiles back and walks upstairs. "How was your day, honey?" Your mom asks you.
It's silent and awkward in the room. Staring at your feet, you nod. "Good." You had mastered the art of lying. Or so you thought. Because your mom could see behind the mask you wore.

You thought there was no point of staying in this room so you upstairs, leaving your worried mother alone. You didn't hear the exhaustive sigh which left from her mouth.

word count : 857

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