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He was quite used to the sensation of falling by now.

The roar of the wind and the whoosh of the gale as he skyrocketed south didn't bother him anymore. He was acquainted with the feeling of the twirling and the swirling up in the deep, dark sky.

He still held the twinge of fear burning within him. The 'I'm going to die' fear. Who wouldn't have that fear while plummeting from the clouds onto the ground below.

He shifted forward. Not a lot so his whole body flew out of control, but just enough so that he sped daintily across the night in the breeze.

He could barely make out the giant skyscrapers through the flurry of snowflakes. From above, all he could see was little yellow blobs. The light in the windows. The buildings looked like they were overflowing with fireflies.

He twisted his body so he was flat, somewhat floating now. He lightly drifted down to peer into the windows of the apartment, congratulating himself as he landed unsteadily and roughly on the balcony, a perfect view of the tiny living quarters.

Their was a neatly trimmed, quaint Christmas tree perched next to the lit fireplace. The fire crackled and popped and the tree stood stoically beside it, looking like it almost guarded the gifts that were cautiously placed beneath it.

The tree was laced with multicolored LED lights from top to bottom. The tree skirt was a picture of a reindeer trotting in a circle, leading Santa's sleigh into the dark night.

The ornaments were hung at the end of every fluffed up branch. Extravagant ones and minuscule ones and singing ones and light up ones. There were ornaments that just hung a laminated picture by string as well.

He could make out an image of a long-legged woman with hair down to her chin. The woman's blonde hair looked almost dusted in gold, glinting in the sun. A man's large, bear paw was planted on her hip, his arm wrapping around her waist.

The picture was taken from behind the couple, so all he saw was their backs. But he could tell that the man had a profound jawline, and his persona almost made him positive that the man was smiling. Coffee brown locks of curls were tucked in behind his ears, and he could see a diminutive scar swirling from his left ear and down his neck.

The woman was radiant. Her hair held a rippling affect in the wind, rolling down to her chin in a way that almost looked like waves of the ocean. Her skin was pale and bright and seemed to glow in the lighting from the setting. She was tall, almost as tall as the man, at least five feet ten inches, he would say. Her white blouse wavered in the slight breeze, her arm curled around the man's waist.

The backdrop was white, soft white snow covering every inch of the outdoors. The trees looked majestic in the dove-colored layer that rested on top of the branches. The couple was huddled together, walking, it seemed, at the same pace, their feet in step with each other. The woman wore an oversized hoodie and skinny jeans, with a pair of brown boots with fur along the circumference. The man had on a evergreen and rose red sweater that seemed to suit him. He wore loose jeans and large orange-tan boots on his feet. A couple snowflakes were softly tangled in their hair and melting at their touch.

He felt himself slightly start to become it again, just barely, but it was still occurring. He prayed he could see the couple again after the little peek-in like last time. It was luck that had helped him land on their balcony again, and he reckoned he wouldn't be able to do it once more.

The door swung open. The man trotted into the room with a grin on his face, as expected, his other half in tow behind him. Their cheeks were rosy and tinted with blush, her hands in fuzzy mittens. She wore a wool beanie on her head, right above her bangs that swiped to the right. The soft gray color of the beanie brought out her astonishing eyes.

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