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-We met Oreola, a student at the Academy of Mysterious Occurrences, and her friends/team-mates Maliquent and Dorkidoria. They're excited for the season's mystery to start, and a dead body just turned up, so yay it's starting.

-We met Smairuhh, a manager of a SoulFeed at the Arena Mall, who apparently said something funny online and she suddenly has all kinds of new followers and potentially a new path in life.

-Qannen discovered that she had been kidnapped by The Cute Boys and taken to the Thornes. And they were threatening to torture in order to promote awareness for some issue that she was honestly too bored to follow.


-Qannen gets tortured (oh no!)

-But we finally learn the cute boys' names? (Yay?) (And more about why they're in the city slash torturing Qannen)

-Oreola examines some dead bodies and gets more deeply involved in the mystery than she anticipates

-Smairuhh finds out that she can't go back to her old life, and now that she's famous it's time to decide what her brand/deal actually is


Aqui vamos~

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Aqui vamos~

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