My New Family Problems---8

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My New Family Problems, that turned my world upside down.

Chapter 8

Zane turned around searching the class when his eyes landed on me. Some girls were practically drooling over him other's were sending me death glares as Zane made his way to the back and sat in the empty seat beside me.

"Hello miss. We meet again." He said in his fake british accent giving me a smirk.

I turned my head from him towards Braylon and avoided all eye contract with Zane for the rest of the day. Zane had 2 classes with me and Braylon had 3. By the last class I was exhausted. Gwen and Alicia walked in.

"Girls!" I pretty much yelled and they came running to hug me. "Oh my gosh! I thought we wouldn't have a class together."

"Us either!"

"Well hello quads." Massie said.

"Mass?" She smiled.

"Oh Massie. I'm soo sorry." Once she was close enough I lunged at her. Nearly knocking her to the ground in my effort to hug her.

"Okay Ember okay. You're going to kill me if you don't let go." She laughed as everyone else filled into class. All of theses kids in here were well known through out the student body or I guess you could say the popular crowd. There's only about 15 kids in this class. They may be popular but the Quads (the 4 girls in case I didn't make that clear) and Braylon, Acell and Corey were the most popular. 

"So quads, I hear you guys are splitting. Is that true?" One of the guys closest to our table asked and every kid in the class turned around to listen. I looked at him in horror and so did Alicia and Gwen.

"Ummm David are you stupid or something?" Massie asked. Yes she was mean sometimes, okay most of the time. "If the quads were going to break up you'd know about it cause we wouldn't be sitting together right now. Duh."

"Oh right." The teacher came in then so everyone's attention was re-directed to the front of class for the rest of the hour and a half of school.

Waiting for the bell to ring was agonizing! I couldn't wait to find Bray so we could get my sisters and go home. Hmmmm....I wonder how their day is going. And yes it was a little weird, I guess, to say that Sarah, Zarah and Robin were now my brother and sisters, but its true. They are my new step-family and me being an only child always wanted brothers and sister. Besides they started calling me their sister first and so I just picked up on it. Now its just a natural thing, even though its only been a few days.


Ahhh YES! Schools over! For today....

Nothing bad happened, well except this morning. Yeah I gotta talk to Braylon about that. I wasn't sure why I was so nervous about today earlier.

I stuffed the books in my bag as me and the rest of the quads made our way to our lockers, which happened to be right beside each other, and out side to the parking lot. 

 "Hey you girls should come over later." I told told them while jumping on the hood of Braylon's silver mercury.

"Can we?" Alicia asked.

"I don't think it would be a problem. I mean Acell and Corey are coming around seven so.."

"We'll come at 6." Massie agreed. "Any problems with that girls?"

"Nope. Alicia will you pick me up and bring me over there? Cause you know I can't drive and my boyfriend, well Jake has guitar lessons after school so I can't ask him for a ride."

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