labing dalawa

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the school day soon rolled around the next morning. after mingyu had 'apologised' to wonwoo the previous evening, their conversations were slightly improving. although mingyu still teased and made wonwoo angry, he was just joking around and the provoking insults were, still harsh, but not as cruel as when they first met.

of course, wonwoo didn't like the teasing, he thinks mingyu was still trying to make him angry, but he appreciated it when mingyu would apologise for a joke that was too mean. this aside, he still wasn't fond of mingyu. even when he tried to have an open mind and ignore the insults mingyu through at him, he couldn't help but get angry because of all the provoking comments. and he hates himself for getting irritated because it shows mingyu how easy it is to have control over him. wonwoo was suppose to have control, not mingyu. he was the one who was assigned this task, he should be in control.

in mingyu's case, his thoughts still lingered over last night's messages. after reading them multiple times before going to sleep, he hated to admit that he was a little nice, which was different from his usual demeanour. even with his friends, he wasn't that much different from how he treated wonwoo. but somehow, after spending one day with wonwoo, he had become a little bit nicer.

"hey, wanna ditch school today and hang by the view tower?" mingyu asked, leaning on the brick wall that divided the school from the town. minghao shook his head.

"can't. have another practice that i can't miss again." mingyu groaned at minghao's response. "come on! it's only one practice. you can just catch up next time."

"mingyu, do you know the amount of practices i've ditched just because you wanted to hang out?" he shrugged in response. as much minghao wanted to keep mingyu company, he missed too many lessons just for the other, and he couldn't afford to miss any more other wise he would fail the class. "can't you just ask seokmin?"

"had the same response as you. he says 'he cares about his education.' something he said that i don't understand."

minghao chuckled. "i mean he's not wrong." he looked at mingyu who was, as usual, sucking on an apple-flavoured lollipop. "why not go by yourself?"

"i'll get too lonely. plus i need someone to annoy." mingyu smirked.

"maybe you can ask wonwoo. since he'll be hanging around you so much, he might as well get used to ditching school with you."

mingyu laughs out loud at minghao's impossible suggestion. "please, it would take a miracle before he ever skips school."

minghao sees in the corer of his eye wonwoo walking towards them, a usual serious look on his face whenever he sees someone misbehaving or being somewhere they shouldn't be. "why not ask the man himself?"

mingyu turns when he hears wonwoo's voice telling them that they should be on their way to class already. minghao smirks and starts jogging away. "bye!" he says with a tune in his voice.

mingyu was about to yell at minghao for leaving him with wonwoo but the elder was already in front of him. "hey, you know you should be in class, right?"

mingyu looked at wonwoo with a weird look, thinking that the elder would already know why he was near the school gates. don't say something too mean but don't say something too nice, is what mingyu told himself. although he did't want to follow wonwoo or the school's rules, he didn't want to be that much of an asshole after how he made wonwoo explode yesterday. "why should you care? don't you have some council president business you should attending to?" mingyu scoffs, turning himself to the brick wall, gripping his hands to the top.

"woah, woah. what the hell are you doing?!" wowoo asks in panic, trying to pull on mingyu's leg to pull him down, but mingyu still successfully sat on the top of the wall. he looked down on wonwoo with a smirk on his face.

"leaving the school, duh? what else am i supposed to do?"

"uh, i don't know, learn?" he emphasised, almost like it was the most obvious answer to his question.

"yeah, but i'd rather ride my motorcycle." mingyu chuckled, hopping off the wall to the other side. wonwoo jumped as high as he could, latching onto the wall to pull himself up with all the strength he had in his skinny arms. as soon as he leaned over to the other side, he was met with mingyu's smug face, smirking at him. he noticed that mingyu was already on his motorcycle, meaning he had purposely parked the vehicle near his escape.

"mingyu- i swear if you leave on that motorcycle i- i will hunt you down." wonwoo struggled to get his body onto the top of the wall. mingyu chuckled again, revving his cycle. before driving off, he remarks, "i'd like to see you try, baby."

the way the playful pet name rolled of mingyu's tongue as if it he's said it a thousands times annoyed wonwoo even more. he told himself that he wouldn't succumb to mingyu's petty and irritating remarks, but the next thing he knew he found himself hopping into his parked car and chasing after mingyu towards somewhere wonwoo has never been to before.

this is going to be a long day

day two.

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