Chapter 11

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"Shawn wants to talk too you."

"Ok when are you picking me up?"

"Sorry I can't . I was called in to fix something at work you'll just have to stay there for today."

"What Shawn!"

"Come ......orry.... uuuup.........."

He hanged up on. When I get my hands on him.


Shawn POV

I could of just picked her up, but what the fun in that. Heh heh I'm going to play cupid.

Flashback: in Lucas POV

-When Nikki was passed out from being a wild party animal......

I tucked Nikki into the bed. Her hair spread out on both pillows framing her face.

She snuggled closer in to the duvet. Her face pressed against her hands. Why can't she be this peaceful when she is awake. When she wakes up its non stop arguing, although its amusing it gets tiring. She reminds of a wild horse that doesn't want to be imprisoned. I stroked her cheek and played with a strand of her hair.

Many woman have tried to capture me in cunning traps. I have become wary of them. You never know there real plans.

Nikki is different though. She intrigues me because you could see the guarded look in her eyes when she sees you, even though she tries to hide it. She doesn't want anyone to get too close.

But no I am not giving up

Not when she intrigued me already.

Not now not ever.

Flashback over..................

Still Lucas POV

Nikki. It's been a week since my weekend in Greece. I can't stop thinking about her. I know she has been avoiding me.

I stretched my hands behind my head and sighed. Soon she'll be mine. No other man will touch her. I might of not have been her first but sure as hell will be her last.

I'll let her have her fun, for now.


Nikki POV

I've been busy this whole last week. My kitchen has become my refuge. I'm almost there every second of the day. Thinking of new recipes and ideas for the bakery. My subconscious tells me I'm running away from my problems.

I deny it. I just don't want to think about what can be or what could happen if I let myself.

That isn't running away right?

It's just putting your problems on hold. Yep that's it I say convincing myself for now.


The timer startled me from my adventure inside my head. I opened the oven door to release an onslaught of heavenly steam coming off the apple cinnamon muffins. Using the oven glove I brought out the tray and pulled it on the counter to cool.

Looking around the room I saw the mess I created. Oh well...

"Nik there's some hot hunk asking for you at the doorstep" Hayley a close friend that works at the bakery shouts. Yup that's her an out loud red head with bright blue eyes. She doesn't gives two fucks what other people say. That's why I maybe kind of hired her...

HEY don't judge me! Ok!

She's the one who'll keep me in line.

Yeah thought it was Shawn huh...

Well he is my childhood friend my bff as you call it these days. And Hayley is a close friend so... She's practically my second best friend. Shawn but in a different gender. A woman.

Hmm now that I think about there's no difference at all.

I call Shawn my girlfriend or personal woman therapist.

I had a hunch of who it was. Hopefully I was wrong and its the new neighbor that seems to be the talk between all the married woman in the neighborhood.

Walking towards the door I think of good comebacks and excuses to say.

"Hayley let the poor man in.'

"Oh no its ok Ms. Williams I just came to deliver these flowers personally they are from my boss. He threat.... told me to give them to you only you."

He handed me the crystal vase with red and white Carnations. There was a white envelope with embroided edges.

"Here you go Ms. Williams. I have to go or Mr. Alle... I mean my boss will have my head.

"Thank you....."

"Oh I forgot to introduce myself, how rude of me. My name is Bryan."

"Well thank you Bryan. Bryan! ".

"Yes mam?"

"Wait here let me give you a muffin for the ride back."

I scurried inside and got a small container to put in the muffin.

"Here Bryan. Enjoy."

"Thankyou Ms.Williams. Nice meeting you Hayley."

I closed the door and turned to Hayley who stared back with big doe eyes.

"He was such a gentle man. And a hunk of jerky. I know he is gay. All good men are gay or relationship evading eels."

I shook my head at Hayley as she continued rambling. I walked towards the table where I left the flowers. I pulled the card out of the envelope.


I hope you haven't forgotten about me agoupe mio, Because I haven't.

I dream about you every night, Your angelic face haunts me.

I can't wait to here you scream my name. I'll claim you soon for everyone too see. Just wait and see darling.

For now, I'll let you have your fun, Enjoy it while you can.

P.S. You look esquisite with black lace lingerie darling.


" Ooh some one has an admirer, and by the looks of it he's Italian. Girl you've been busy. Tell me where you can get one of those."

"Something tells me Hayley you already have one hidden somewhere." I said pointing my finger at her in an accusing way.

She blushed and looked away.

That's what I thought.


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