My Prince Charming:Chapter 5

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It was official. I was going to find her and bring her back to her family. Only one question. How am I supposed to get there?

***Brad's POV***

I was walking down the streat  when I heard my phone start to ring. I looked at the screen and saw that the number was labeled as restricted. I knew exactly who it was.

Me: Hey Man. What's up?

Other Guy: Not much Brad. Just maid trouble.

Me:Still? This one must have a strong will.

Other Guy: Ya she defiantly does. So you wanna hang at my place later?

Me: Ya sure. I would love to.

Other Guy: Alright. Some one will be over to pick you up soon.

Me: Cool. See ya soon. Hey maybe I can help whip your maid into shape.

Other Guy: That would be cool. See ya.

Me: See ya.

I hung up the phone and turned around. I wonder who his new maid was. Why was she giving him so much trouble? What did he do that made her not want to be there? Other than the fact that he made her be his maid. Well I mean sure he was kinda mean but still he wasn't a bad guy. SO why was she giving him such a bad time?

***Amber's POV***

I get ready then walk down stairs to see what Paul wants. When I get to the bottom of the stairs I see some guy and Paul playing some killing game in the den. I wait for their game to finish and then say,"What do I need to do today?"

The unknown guy turns around and I see that it is someone I never want to see again. I see Brad, my ex-boyfriend.


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