Chapter 2 'The Change'

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The noises made me hide inside my locker as I heard all the screaming and shooting. I squezzed my self inside my tiny locker closing the door. I stood there my breath almost silent, after a few seconds I could hear steps coming inside the back room where I was. The footsteps were all over the case checking under seats and in closets but they never checked the lockers, so far I was safe!

I know I probably sound like I'm going to just go out the back door and run away but I'm not. I'm not that heartless, maybe.

When I was sure they were gone, I made my way over to the door and saw about ten guys with rifles in their hands. I could see that they were putting people up against the wall, taking all the electronics with them.

I knew I had to do something because if they were here to steal money it would be bad, I needed money in my pocket and I was not about to let these mother fuckers take the money I need.

Alright, I can do this I thought to my self.

I looked closer and saw a red swirl tattoo on all of the guys. I looked closer seeing the red swirl was actually three swirls together making it look like one.

I know I've seen that mark before...but where?




That's when it hit me.

They were part of the gang that stopped business from getting too rich. If you got rich here your own your way to everything but some people didn't want that since it meant there businesses would be running low, they didn't want that, they wanted their business at the top.

You could say our little store was earning money but I didn't think this gang would be a threat!

I bet they were just looking for trouble!

I looked around and knew that under the counter was the silent alarm to call the cops, I mean who doesn't know that?! I saw that the robbers were busy with the customers so I took that as my chance to open the door. I closed it silently and got on all fours crawling over to the counter, I could already hear what the men were saying.

"Is this everyone?" One of the buffer ones asked.

"From what we got, yes sir " the skinny one said.

"Keep checking."

"Yes sir."

I ignored the conversation and quickly made my way over to the counter, I reached it and got under it looking for the alarm. I let my hand roam around the bottom before I found the small red button and quickly pressed it.

I sighed in relief but a little to loud my I add.

"What was that?"

Oh snap.

I held my breath backing under the counter as much as I possibly could. I heard footsteps and held my breath. I waited a little not daring to get out.

I knew in the movies he would point his head out and boom!

He's dead!

I am not going to be a stupid person and do that.

A few seconds passed but they felt like minutes, that's when the footsteps appeared in front of me. I stood as still as I could waiting and praying for him to go away. More seconds passed and when I thought he was going to look under, he kept walking.

I sighed in relief, bad move. A masked face appeared in front of me and I screamed. He smirked grabbing onto my wrist pulling me out.

"Let me go, you mother fucker!!" I screamed but he just chuckled and got me in a head lock pointing the gun to my temple. I grabbed onto his arm trying to pull him away but it was useless.

"Found a hidden one." they guy holding me said.

They buff looking one from earlier looked my way and smirked "Put him with the others." he said.

The guy holding me nodded and started walking dragging me along with him.

That's when we heard cop sirens coming to our spot. The buff guy looked up alarmed "Didn't you get there phones?" He said. The guy holding me nodded "Yeah me and the others double checked." he told the buff guy. The buff guys eyes locked on mine and they looked pissed. I could hear the sirens getting closer to our spot.

"The fucking brat pressed the silent  alarm!!" He screamed as he made his way towards me. I whined as pulled me away from the skinny guy. He then threw me on the floor and pointed the gun towards my forehead.

I could hear the customers gasping and whimpering clearly not wanting to see murder in front of their eyes especially the children.

I wasn't about to let theses guy's know I was scared that would be stupid and I'm not a baby.

"Did you press the alarm?" He asked me. I gulped my throat feeling dry, I didn't answer trying to buy time. He growled but I could see five cop cars pulling into the driveway. The other robbers tensed up looking at the buff guy that was pointing the gun to my face.

"Answer me or I will shoot you!" He screamed at me. I flinched knowing that I couldn't  leave Riley alone.

Even now she's all I could think about.

"Yes I did." I confessed to him. He smirked and nodded, he turned around and whispered something to the guy next to him.

Soon we could hear the cops warning the robbers to surrender. It made me feel a little bit better, not a lot though but soon one by one they sent out people till there were only five hostages left. Just a little more in I'll be free and I can go see Riley.

But I noticed the robbers were also disappearing somehow which confused me.

I looked up and saw there were only three robbers left when it began with ten, the cops were distracted taking care of the hostages they must have not noticed, I bet they used the back door.


I felt someone grab which got me out of my train of thought, I looked and saw it was the buff looking guy. "Okay, me and you are going to go out there and your not gonna say anything because if you do I'll blow your head off." he warned me as he pointed the gun to my head. I could see the cops tense up as they saw us come out.

"Let the man go!" The cop with the speaker said to Mr.Buff.

The buff guy holding me chuckled and kept walking "Don't think so!" We walked all the way to a black van, the cops eyes never leaving ours. Buff guy then threw me onto the concrete floor but kept the gun aimed at me.

"Now my men well come out one by one with your hostages but if I see any funny movement, this boy gets it." He told them.

And that's how it went they came out with the two then three hostages as they climbed onto the black van. Soon everyone was out, I knew I was almost free.

"Okay let the male go!" The cop with the speaker said.

Buff guy though had other plans, "Do you think I'm that stupid?! He's not going anywhere till all of us are out." he grabbed onto me and got inside the car.

Yeah, no, I started freaking out at this point. I can't leave Riley it, I know she would be horrified. I started kicking everywhere trying to break free from his grasp. "L-Let me go!" I screamed but all the buff guy did was chuckle. He got inside the back of the back of the van with me.


Did I do something that I had such bad luck tonight?

Soon we were driving away with no cops after us. My kidnapper put a cloth to my face which in turn made me panic, I started swinging around my arms but as I sniffed the clothe I started getting weak fast and movements were not movements anymore as I was quickly consumed by darkness, pitch black darkness.

The last thing I thought about was Riley.

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