Chapter 9

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Spencer's POV

Alpha Lilly, Aiden's mom, insisted that we go shopping today. Aiden agreed, saying that I can't keep wearing his clothes because they don't fit.

We are driving to the mall with packed car. I tried to remember everyone's name, but it's hard with four girls.

I think the people accompanying us are Cara, Lana, Esme, and Vanessa. Esme and Vanessa are mates, and are the other betas of the pack. Cara is mated to the beta and Lana is mated to the gamma. It's very confusing.

Aiden and I are sitting squished in the backseat of Lilly's van. Supposedly, she insisted on getting one because of her family, even though she can't drive. Cara is driving while singing loudly to the music playing on the radio.

Lilly is sitting beside Aiden in the backseat, me being by the window. I stare out the glass window, watching the trees fly by. Soon we are arriving to town, and we reach the mall.

The first store we go to, much to my embarrassment, is Calvin Klein. Vanessa insisted on getting me some nice boxers to show off to Aiden.

I pick some out, the girls all shopping for themselves. Surprisingly Calvin Klein has women's clothes. I didn't know that.

We leave and I now own plenty of pairs of underwear. It's been awful wearing Aiden's, they are too big and it's embarrassing to admit that.

We then go to Hollister to buy my clothes. Every girl gets to pick out two outfits, making me have ten in total. Aiden finds a five outfits he wants to buy, so we purchase those too.

Aiden and I are walking out of Hollister, hand in hand, when he whispers in my ear, "You are going to look so sexy in the clothes I bought you."

I blush deeply, so embarrassed that he said that in public. With their werewolf hearing, all the girls heard and are eyeing each other with smirks. I can't believe this!

Lilly scolds Aiden while smiling, "Don't tease him, Aiden. I thought I taught you better."

Aiden lets out a booming laugh, gaining attention from others surrounding us. "You did, I just didn't listen to you," he says with a sly grin, arrogant as always.

Lilly just pouts and rolls her eyes, looking like a child.

After that embarrassing conversation, we make it to the food court. We all decide to eat Italian, and I get spaghetti with meatballs. The meatballs look so appetizing, so scrumptious. I'm a fan of meatballs.

We are peacefully eating when all of a sudden I feel a cold substance fall down on my head and down my shirt. I gasp at the cold feeling, shivering.

I have a feeling who's behind me.

My main bullies, Maya and Mark.

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