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The next day, Jungkook woke up early in the morning to jog. He feels better after feeling unwell the past two days.

"Sunbae!" He got startled when he heard that, he turned around and saw SinB.

"SinB." She approached Jungkook and bowed at him, it looks like she's also having a morning jog.

"Sunbae, good morning." SinB greeted. "Are you on your way to BigHit?" Jungkook nodded.


"Yeah, me too."

"Uh, maybe we should jog together going there then?" SinB nodded. And of course, Jungkook is faster than SinB so he arrived in BigHit first. He waited for her outside BigHit.

"Huh! You run so fast, sunbae." SinB said while catching her breath.

"What? I was jogging." Jungkook chuckled.

"Yeah right." SinB went inside BigHit, Jungkook followed.

GFriend and BTS often see each other now, they used to be close way back 2016 when they have projects together. Now their closeness is getting back.

"Maybe I should call you, Jungkook. I'm older than you, It doesn't look nice calling you sunbaenim." Eunha laughed.

"Whatever you're comfortable calling me." Jungkook chuckled.

"How are you?" She asked.

"Better, I'm good." He answered.

"Did Dahyun went to your apartment?" They became silent for a minute. "I think that's a no? TWICE looks busier than GFriend."


Dahyun is getting up late every morning, she doesn't have time to clean her room.

"Gosh, I only have 2 days." She said. "Shook! I forgot Jungkook!" She said. "Stupid!" She grabbed her phone and dialed his number, it took her 3 minutes to dial before Jungkook could finally answer her call. "Jungkook! I'm sorry about yesterday..."

"It's fine."

"Ugh, I'm really sorry. I was really tired and I got up late again. I was supposed to call you."

"That's fine. Hey, Eunha. Want to buy some burger later?" She heard him chuckle. "Oh, get back to work. I gotta go, Dahyun." He hang up.

Dahyun ran her fingers through her hair.

"You're an idiot." She muttered.

She rushed going out early in JYP and went to BigHit after. She saw SinB once again.

"Dahyunie!" SinB approached her.

"Hi, SinB." Dahyun greeted.

"Come inside, BTS and GFriend are getting along now." SinB chuckled.

"R-really?" Dahyun smiled. "Oh, I bought healthy burgers for y'all. Don't worry, you will not gain weight from eating this." She chuckled.

"Oh, they are eating burgers inside." SinB opened the door of the BTS room. They are all there with TXT.

"Dahyun!" JHope approached her.

"H-hey, sunbae. I uhm bought something, you're all eating. Maybe for the staffs." A staff took the paper bag she's holding, Dahyun slides her hand inside her coat's pocket. She looked at Jungkook.

"Come eat with us." JHope invited.

"O-oh, no. Haha, it's okay." Soobin stood up from his seat and approached them.

"Noona." He handed her a burger. Dahyun took it.

"Oh, th-thank you." Dahyun chuckled nervously. Jungkook is now looking at them.

TXT got back to their room, GFRIEND too. Namjoon invited them to go to the mall, so BTS left except for Jungkook. He said he'll stay in BigHit and won't be coming with them.

He got out after BTS left, Dahyun is outside waiting for a taxi. Dahyun looked behind her and saw Jungkook.

"Hey, I thought you got inside the van with them?" Dahyun asked.

"I don't feel buying." He said.

"You're not hungry? I just noticed you're not eating a burger with them... But I heard you asked Eunha eonni over the phone." She said, Jungkook shook his head. "I'm sorry about yesterday. I was about to go to your apartment but looking at the time, I thought it's too late and you're already sleeping." Dahyun looked down. "And now I thought you're going with them." She looked at him. "Maybe you should go." She added.



"I chose to stay here. Do you have somewhere else to go?" Dahyun shook her head. Jungkook nodded. "Okay." He looked disappointed seeing Dahyun leaving. He's tired of approaching her, he wants to rest just for this time.

"Jungkook." She called and he stopped. "How about you?" Jungkook faced her, he shook his head. "Will you let me make it up to you, today?" She asked.


Dahyun brought Jungkook to their house, she left the kitchen a little messy with the baking that she's doing.

"Sorry about that." Dahyun cleaned up. Jungkook noticed a box on the table and he opened it. It's a big molded BT21 Cooky cake. He smiled and took his phone out to take a picture of it. "Hey!" Dahyun approached him and slide the cake to her and covered it again.


"Gosh, why did I put it there." Dahyun asked herself.

"Why?" Jungkook asked. "Is that for me?"

"No!" Jungkook moved his head a little backward like he's embarrassed asking that and not getting the answer he expected. "I mean— uh..." Dahyun sighed. "It is..." Dahyun said and cleared her throat. "I just don't think you'll like it so I left it here, also thinking that If I bring it to BigHit... It is not just you who'll eat it."

"Not just me who'll eat it? You want me to eat it alone?" Jungkook chuckled.

"Yeah, and that's selfish. I just thought of making a whole BT21 characters, but I can't do it alone. I got really tired just making this one."

"That's a very honest answer..." Jungkook said. "I won't eat it either." Dahyun looked at him surprised.


"Knowing that you're the one who baked it. Do you know what I felt when you have me a christmas present? So as much as possible, I don't want you to give me food as a gift. I'll never get the chance to keep it." Dahyun smiled.

"But I want to. I could bake you anytime you like." She chuckled.


"You could just take a picture of it and keep it to your phone." Dahyun grinned and opened the box again. She took a knife from the kitchen and sliced the cake.

"What?!" Jungkook was too late to stop Dahyun. He looked at the cake and Dahyun sliced Cooky's ear. Jungkook looked at her.

"What? I want you to taste it." Jungkook frowned.

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