Chapter 6

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"Where are we going?" I asked Luke for what seemed like the tenth time that night.

"It's a surprise." He said again. He has been saying that for the last fifteen minutes! 

"Why won't you tell me?!" I whined as I crossed my arms in front of me and pouted.

"Because it's a surprise. People don't usually know their surprises before they get it!"

"Well I like to know."

"Too bad."

I gave him my best puppy dog look and he laughed it off.

"Don't try it. I have a little sister who can make puppies look ugly with that look. I am immune." He said proudly. I sighed and gave up. Guess I will just have to wait to see where we were going. So I changed the subject.

"So.....I didn't know you had a little sister." I said nonchalantly. 

"Yeah, she's six. Most adorable thing ever." He said with a little smile on his face and his eyes going all gooey and soft. Aww, he really does love his sister and his family.

"What's you mum and dad like?" I asked quietly. 

"My mum? She's strict but sweet. And really funny. If you do whatever you're doing right and she's in a good mood she will be a right old comedian. My dad is like the little kid of the marriage. And he is the calmer one and not as strict but still strict just not as." His family sounded really nice. I couldn't wait to see them if this date goes really well.

"We're here." He said pulling into a parking lot of a little cute restaurant that was next to a little lake. 

It was painted a light cream with roses climbing around the outside. The name "Bella Italia" shone in blue light and I gasped. It was such a sweet little restaurant. 

While I had been studying the restaurant, Luke had gotten out of the car and opened the door for me. I looked up at him and smiled. He looked so sweet with his hand held out for mine and a little grin on his face.

I grinned back at him and put my hand in his warm one and got out of the car. He held my hand as he led me up to the door and held it out for me.

We walked in and went up to the front. The hostess saw him coming and pushed out her chest towards him and fluttered her tarantula legs eyelashes at him. Slut. 

"Reservation for McNichols." He said to the hostess. 

"Sure." She said in a sugar sweet voice. She glared at me and grabbed two menus. 

She sharply turned away from me and gave Luke another smile and turned to lead us to our table. Shaking her hips a little too much. Don't hurt yourself there.

As she led us to our table I looked around and realised just how gorgeous this place really was. Along the walls were lights that were shaped like candles, probably because real candles were fire hazards, and there was a beautiful little intricate designs along the walls. There was one huge chandelier on the ceiling smack bang dab in the middle of the room and lots of littler ones around it. The room had a warm glow to it as all the lights were a warm orange light. There were red roses in the middle of all the tables in nice little vases and they were in full bloom. There were potted plants across the room that were just put down randomly but it still looked nice.

We finally made it to the table and Luke held out the chair for me and pushed it back in as I sat down. The hostess glared at me and slapped the menus onto the table as Luke sat down in his own seat across from me.

"Your waiter will be right with you." She said and walked away. Whatever.

I looked towards Luke with a grin and I could have sworn I saw a flash of blonde hair behind one of the potted plants...

Oh well. I'm probably just being stupid. 


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