Chap 10

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Jazzil's p.o.v
"So you mean to tell me that guy killed you because of this?" I asked pointing at Andriana .

" HEY I AM NOT A THING BITCH I AM A PERSON" she replied yelling .

" A HOE ASS PERSON" I yelled back before she got up and was about to swing but Jared held her back .

" look we can't fight in here " Jared said looking between Andriana and I . ..... She's still a hoe ass bitch in my opinion .

MEAN WHILE ________
Robyn's p.o.v( Jazzil's real momma)
" oh my gosh if hope she's okay lucas "

" I know she's okay mom , she's one of us .... She's a fenty " my son lucas replied wiping my tears . I know I've been out of Jazzil's life but I still love her like I've known her forever ..... She's my daughter .

A/n: late and short ik but ayeeee lol

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