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The bright, warm sun hadn't been seen in days and there still didn't seem any sign of it coming back any time soon. The clouds were thick, dark as a steady breeze swept through the water and onto the beach. The world was a grey haze. A pale feminine figure stood on the edge of the cliff. Water smacked repeatedly against the sharp, jagged edges of the rocks below her. The woman's gaze was completely focused out towards the horizon, unmoved despite the weather. She was covered in a white, linen dress with a thin white shawl draped at her elbows. Her light blond hair danced in the wind.

In the young woman's hand, a metal lantern held a candle that dully licked the air. Below the woman waves gradually crashed against the murky, sandy shore. A gust of wind came towards the land. The woman spread her arms wide and the fabric fluttered about. She titled her head back and leaned forward.

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