The Guest

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Faiths P.O.V
I climbed out of bed and got ready. I make my way down stairs to see my mom grabbing her purse "um mum where are you going?" I ask sadly knowing what happened. "I'm sorry sweetheart but I got called into work again. Oh and we have guest coming over in ten minutes. She says kissing my forehead as i roll my eyes. "Ok well bye" I say as she walks outside. I quickly grab a muffin going outside sitting on the bench. I think of who it could be till I remember my aunt said she would try to come "great" I mumble to myself. I see a black van pull up in the drive way that's odd I think to myself i see four tall figures hop out of the car. I walk down the steps seeing the blonde quiff more closely I see a face I never thought I'd see. Luke. "LUKE!" I yell as I practically tackle him in a hug near to crying "happy birthday" he says in his now only half Aussie accent.

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