No more pretending: Chp9- i am yours

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And closer

Till my little bony hands grasped greedily at the bountiful gift of the berries. But as my hands grasped around them, i knew they were forbidden fruit, and as in all the tales; for taking the forbidden fruit there is always a consequence... a punishment.

And with the snapping of a twig under foot, i knew my punishment; because, i wasn’t the one that broke the twig...

CHAPTER 9- i am yours

And in three seconds i realized i was going to die, there is no hope now.

‘We meet again...’ The voice of the little boy crying for help had gone, leaving raspy voice; you could hear the hunger in his words, hunger for blood; the true voice of a predator.

‘You turned.’ I stated, slowly jumping off Black. At least i could save her from a brutal death like the dear; i slapped her rear screaming her dinner call. She would gallop non-stop home.

‘I turned, someone vaccinated me, i am phagus.’ He said in a silly voice, chuckling a hollow sound, the sort of sound that you heard when you bash down a hollow tree. I went stiff, no phagus could form a sentence around a human while the blood still boiled through their veins.

‘look at me’ he said, my body still frozen in the opposite direction, not willing to give myself the pain when i saw him.

‘Look. At. Me’ his voice had gone to a strange strangle that set my teeth on edge and shuddered fear through my bones, the command still processing in my head when he swung me around, forcing my pale greyish blue eye to stare directly into his sharp solid grey ones. I mentally and physically winced; a frown furrowed into his for head.

‘You, feel guilty. Don’t you?’ i loop-sided smile fell on to his face, i quivered.

‘W-w-why are you talking?’ the mumble passed my lips. I never talked; always mumbled as if my quietness would reward me with good-luck; looks like it failed.

‘Why? Well shall we say, i am resistant to the parasite, it doesn’t control me, i control it.’

‘wwWhat?’ my mind wasn’t working, it jutted and paused with fear, like a dodgy light bulb flickering on and off.

He leaned down, pushing his face into the crook of my neck, my pulse was bleating out as if calling for him. I sucked in a breath with a hiss. All i could see was his shaggy dishevelled dirty blonde hair, tickling my nose as i sucked my own breathing. I waited for the bite, the pain, and the parasites to take over my body.

But it didn’t come.

All that did was his rusty voice, come out in a hiss, full with pain and emotion as he spat it out on to my neck.

‘I felt so alone. So alone because of you. You left me to die, what sort of girl are you. You left me with the savages, they’re all crazy, all they do is bite each other, trying to steal the blood you so painfully collected.’ He took in a sharp breath ‘you should see their hind outs, they live in packs, live wolfs. They don’t even look human anymore, so painful, so painful. No one to talk to, no one but anger. I grew up, ALONE. I had to KILL. All because of YOU.’ On the last word he pushed me, sending me hurling across the meadow. I lay crumpled on the floor. Hardly breathing.

I could hear his footsteps approach me, crunching viciously on the wild flowers around us.

‘i’m sorry’ i murmured, my voice came out strained. ‘I am indebted to you, forever’

‘what?’ his voice was hoarse

‘i am yours’ i whispered. As soon as i said it, i knew my life would be taken... soon.

Felix .p.o.v.

Mayhem arrived with blackberry. The silken jet black coat of hers gleaming with sweat, she had a craved expression; i could immediately tell what had just happened by the look in her eyes.

Kim had started to scream, screaming for her daughter, people had paled expressions on their faces. No one would have thought our girl would disappear. Hope was the little shy ray of sunshine in the castle, the only thing that stopped us from drooping into madness.

He beauty brought us happiness, we didn’t think she COULD leave. And in seconds i realised; every single one of us had taken her for granted. We always though she we be here, mumbling her inexistent words. She was the only girl even close to my age, i was 3 years older but the next boy that closest to her age was 12 years old.

We had automatically been marked as a pair, a future couple. And i had never thought someone could take her away from me, i never thought that there could be someone who could whip her away, i thought i never had to think about those things. Even if death was that someone who took her away, i knew that i had taken he soul and smile for nothing, thinking it would be an everyday thing for the rest of my life, seems like it’s not.

And that’s when i broke down to tears. I didn’t cry when my parents were slaughter and eaten alive in front of me, i didn’t cry when my stomach hurt so much from its emptiness, i didn’t cry when my older brother died to save me. Yet i cry now, losing the only thing i thought i would never lose.


Hope .p.o.v.

I glanced up from the pool of golden hair that fell around me. His teeth were jarred together, his lips twisted grotesquely  upwards; i knew what i saw, i saw the mocking of a toothy grin.  it held the form of a smile so wide all his teeth were shown sparkling, but you could see the foul happiness of a hunter. A hunter that had just caught his prey...

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