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IT had been two weeks since the moment she shared with them at the fireplace. She had been going a few times every week and she couldn't be happier. They teach her new things everyday and are delightful to be around. She thought the flirting would die down a bit now that their relationships weren't so new, but she stood corrected. They still gave her sweet kisses on the hand or on the cheek, here and there and looked at her as if she was an angel on Earth.

Bluebell and her two very protective family members, her brother Marco and her father, finally gathered enough earnings to move houses. They had found a nice house just on the outskirts of the village, which was an upside to Bluebell since they were closer now to her teachers but rose suspicion in the other two men.

"It is just slightly alarming how much time you spend with those three. You come home all flushed and giddy, when I was a young boy, let me tell you, I would come home sulking. It is not normal, Bluebell."

This was how she woke up, as soon as she got her clothes ready in the morning and went out to greet them, the two men started to voice out their worries.

"I am fine, Papa! I just have fun that's all. You've met them before and know that they are good men. Why do you start to worry now?"

"Because, Blue, we can see the way they look at you! It is like you are their pet or something!" Marco said, standing with his father.

"Oh please! They are just really nice. Why can't you accept that I am finally happy?" She had tears threatening to fall from her lovely bambi eyes.

"Don't cry, bambina. I never want to see you cry. You're eyes are too pretty to have tears running down from them. I'll drop it for now, but don't think I'll forget."

❀ ❀ ❀ 

She was outside now, touching the petals of a pretty flower growing in her little patch she planted again, from their old little house. Her mind was filled with thoughts on the three men she had spent so much time with. To be quite honest, she didn't know much about them. It was starting to get strange to her too, the reason why they kept her around. Not that she minded, in fact, quite the opposite. She however wasn't stupid enough to think that there wasn't a reason. No one just takes a girl in and treats her like a princess at no cost.

After a while of just worrying and making up scary theories in her head, she went to the place where she was sure to get some answers: the town.

With a kiss to her father, Bluebell was off. She first headed for the baker who always seemed to have the trust of everyone, so naturally he would have all the answers she would need, right?

Wrong. "Oh the really rich men that live up in that mansion, right? Yeah, I've never caught sight of them, but I hear they're filthy rich and that they're teachers or something. Us commoner folks never see them. We don't care for them and they certainly don't care for us."

She then went to the farmer's wife, and to flower merchant, she even asked some kids her age along the way, but all their answers were the same. They were rich and nobody has ever laid eyes on them.

She was walking home, with her hair down in defeat when she heard a noise. Psst.

She looked around but saw nothing, so she kept walking. Until she heard it again, that time she saw a woman looking at her from beside a small looking tent. She had wild hair and dark emerald eyes. She looked to be wearing a bunch of rings and necklaces giving her a mystic look. Bluebell was hesitant at first but made her way to the woman. Once they were close enough Bluebell greeted her.

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