Author's note

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Sorry for disturbing your reading, but, there are some things you should know. 

☛ The book is now completed. There is no sequel or Book 2.

☛ Please don't ask me to write bonus chapters or epilogue. I don't want to write their wedding scene or how many children they had. Its just too typical and too obvious. Almost all romance novels on wattpad ends in the same way. I feel like they are just dragging the story and the 'end part' loses it charm. Moreover, I want to leave few things on readers' imagination.

☛ I've no plan to start another book right now because I'm thinking to first fix the mistakes of 'Am I Married'. There are lots of mistakes, grammar error and the starting chapters really sucks. I'll correct them, make some changes and come up with revised version. The original plot line won't be changed, indeed, but some scenes and dialogues will be changed. Come back after few months to read the revised version of the book.

☛ I'll let you know if I'll plan to start a new book, but it's not going to be soon.

☛ I invite you to write a good and critical review of 'Am I Married'. If, it would be appropriate I'll add your review in the 'book appraisal' chapter  with your name that will be updated soon.  

☛ I'm available here if you want to contact me. Also, if you've any query regarding the book, you're free to ask. I'll answer you.

☛ Lastly, I thank each and every single one of your for giving me a chance, for appreciating my work even though I made lots of mistakes, and for acting patiently. I made you wait and I'm sorry for that. You guys, motivated me to think seriously about becoming a fictional writer.

☛ I advise you to always appreciate especially those writers who are letting you read their stuff for free when they can earn through it. Writing is not easy, my friends. 

Thank you for reading. You can now continue to the book :)

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