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liyah povedited2 days later

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liyah pov
2 days later

we finally off tour.

everybody over my house and i'm just waiting for them ta go home. i got school tomorrow.

"no what y'all needa do is get out my house" i replied back ta kd.

"get up real quick i gotta piss" trell said while tapping me.

he walked away and i seen april follow but i thought nothing of it.

kentrell pov

i was minding my business taking a piss when april walked in.

"get the fuck out" i said while trying ta push her out. she looked down and i noticed that my dick was out.

she bent down and started rubbing it.

i can't lie and say it ain't feel good, but that ain't right. this liyah sister.

"move or i swear ta god ima black yo shit" i said while trying to mover her head.

"boyyy just relax" she said while bout to put her mouth on it till liyah bust in the bathroom.

"really kentrell" she said while punching me in my chest.

"keep yo hands to yo self i ain't do nun with this girl" i said in a calm voice.

liyah pov

when i walked in on kentrell and april i was hurt. he always telling me how he wanna be with me but don't never show it.

i looked over at april and seen her smiling. "well i got what i wanted" she said while walking out the bathroom.

i ain't even give her a chance, i swung on her.

i took all my anger out on her. i seen three pulling april away and walking her outside. and kd was just recording.

i felt myself getting picked up and carried downstairs.

when whoever it was put me down i looked back and seen it was kentrell.

"u a real bitch for tryna fuck with my sister"

"say i ain't do shit with her. she came in thea tryna-"

i ain't even give him a chance before i spat on him.

kentrell pov

man i know this bitch ain't just spit on me.

i started choking her and seen her gasping for air.

"man y'all chill out" booker said getting me off of her. she dropped down to the floor coughing.

"that bitch just spit on me for nun. don't nobody want yo ugly ass sister. but u believe what u want"
i yelled while walking towards the door.

but then i stopped.

"and spit on me again bitch i dare u. i'll kill yo stupid ass"

"i fucking hate u. i wish i never met u. die in a ditch" she screamed tryna get closer to me but three wouldn't let her.

i walked out the door.

i ain't even gone lie and say that aint hurt a youngin feelings.

i ain't do shit ta deserve that i thought ya myself while hopping in my car.

everytime i'm tryna do right by people they fuck me over.

i popped two percs that i found in my cup holder.

i swallowed that shit dry.

my eyes started getting blurry and i seen a truck coming towards me.

i got knocked off into the side of the rode.

i struggled keeping my eyes open.

"fuck it" i said and closed them.

how y'all feel about what liyah said
how u feel about april
should kentrell have choked liyah for spirting?

vote,comment,follow me.

and make sure y'all mfs answer all those questions or no update.

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