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"oh my god" I said walking onto the plane. "like wow" I smiled and whipped around I then screamed.

"wow calm down" Joe said. I raised my eye brows. "yes I am freaking out. But on the inside"

When we landed we went straight to my house or well old house. I pushed opened the door and took. Breath. Or tried to take I breath but I couldn't breath. Then everything went black.

"massie massie. She's been out for 2 days. We just finished packing up the kitchen we cNt go on without her." I heard joe say.

"yea let's just hope she wakes up soon" Justin replied. I slowly opened my eyes. I saw Joe sitting at my desk. Justin was in my arm chair.

"guys?" I croaked.

"SHES UP" screamed Joe. I rolled my eyes

"along with her sass" stated Justin. I stuck my tongue out at them.

Joe laughed "hey soo this girl violette and her brother shawn I think came by yesterday. They said whenever you can you should go see them." I smiled.

"you know you could go now" said Justin "I think me and joe can clean up the bathroom without you home.and tomorrow we can start on the bedrooms and stuff"

" yea." I said getting out if bed. I walked over to vio's and shawns and their mom answered.

"hey it's good to see you again massie. Shawn and vio are upstairs."

I walked duo the stairs and I poked my head in shawns room and noone was there so I continued on to vio's room. I knocked slightly and then pushed open the door.

Vio looked at ne from the bed. She was lyin on the bed with Shawn over her naked.

My eyes widened and I stumbled back. I ran down the stairs and out of the house. I knew shawn and vio had thrown on some clothes and were running after me. I knew I'd be able to out run them. but I tripped. God dammit I yelled as I went down. Someone grabbed my arm and yanked me back.

I look up and saw my house right before I was yanked around Nd found myself face to face with Shawn and vio. Neither if then looked to happy.

"you can't tell our mom about this" spat vio.

"give me one good reason why I shouldn't" I spat back.

"how's this one" said shawn pushing me to the ground an puung my arm behind my back. I glNced up at him he nodded at vio and grabbed my other arm.

I was kneeling on the ground with my arms being held I couldn't move. I was then flipped over and I got kicked in the stomach. I started to cough and I threw up. Shaw. Rolled me over and then put me back on my back. Vio continued to kick me.

Shawn kneeled beside me and grabbed my breasts and gave my arms to vio. By now I was too weK so vio was able to hole me down. Shawn squezzed and then began to pick me up.

The world was getting darker I was hurt badly. When I heard the door to my house slam. And someone yell shawns name.

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