Chp 24:

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The call gets transferred to my phone and I pick up. "This is Nick.", "Darling, hello. Thank you for answering." , "What's going on?" "It's your fath-Robert." She's quick to correct herself.

"What about him?" "He's going bankrupt and his..."

She didn't need to say the word because I knew she was speaking about his mistress, the twenty-something year old that he left us for. "She left him." I tip my head back and listen.

"What does any of this have to do with us than?", "He's sending threats..." Her voice cracks. "To you?" , Silence. "Mom?" I raise my voice and begin to pace.

"Yes. Nicolai, I'm concerned about you and your brother."

I crease my brow, "And why is that?", "Because, Robert-he's a mess, an absolute mess and I'm concerned that he might try and get hold of you and your brother."

"Eli and I can fend for ourselves." , "He's a sloppy drunk, there is not much that he could do that would be a cause of concern for me."

She sighs, "I am completely aware that you boys can take care of yourself but this is not something I want the two of you handling on your own.", "Elaborate?"

"I've hired security for you, Elias, and Tessa." I scuff and shake my head. "That is not necessary. " "Nicolai." Her tone of voice was stern.

"Have you gotten in touch with police about this?", "Yes."

"Then why the fuck are they not doing anything about it?" "Nicolai...they don't know where...he is." She trails off and I feel my pulse speed up.

"Listen to me, I've scheduled a meeting with the security team I've hired for the three of you-I want you to attend it in a half hour."

"And what about you? Who is going to be...watching after you?" She's silent again. "I'm leaving the city. I'm going to stay with your aunt Caroline in her home in Beverly Hills."

My right hand grips the phone firmly as my jaw clenches shut, every bit of anger was pulsing throughout my veins at this point. "You're leaving?","Nicolai-" I cut her off.

"I shouldn't be surprised." "Excuse me?", "Damn. This is so like our family. Nobody can stay around-somebody always flees at some point." Tessa eyes me, concern is written all over her face.

"I have to go, have a safe flight." My voice is cold and dry. She makes no movement to stop me from hanging up.

I slam my phone down on my desk, seconds later the feeling of hands on the upper part of my back makes me tense slightly. "What is going on?"

Her voice is soft and soothing. "Nothing, that I'm not already familiar with." I turn to face her, "She left? Why?" I don't respond, her palm touches my cheek. "We need to go." "What? Where?", "I'll tell you in the car."


I stand still for a few seconds before I grab my purse and follow him out of his office; he locks up and walks towards the elevator. "Nick, what is going on?" "I told you that I'd tell you in the car." I roll my eyes and climb into the elevator.

He looks straight ahead at nothing, his jaw is clenched and he looks to almost be holding his breath. We reach the parking garage and get into his Audi. "I have to go to work. You know that right?" I say annoyed.

"Tessa, you work for me-I'm fine with you missing a day." My mouth falls open then I shut it again and turn away from him. "Could you please tell me what the hell is going on? I feel like I'm part of some dramatic FBI based movie."

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