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When Anna blames destiny for never being touched by a man, destiny decides to play a wicked game with her.

A very attractive and problematic man walks into her life. Everything is different about him - starting from the horns on his head that only she can see, to the way he makes her feel. In no time, he finds his way to her heart and the valley between her thick creamy thighs.

She knows that she cannot let him go but does he really want her?

Theodore has worked harder than anyone else to be part of the prestigious Trident's Legacy. When he meets Anna, he's torn between the strong desire to have her and the oath to be loyal to the Legacy forever. Which one would he choose?


This was the blurb of my first Minotaur erotica novel. Comment and let me know what you think about this. 

For now, it would be exclusively available on Patreon. The first three chapters will be posted there tomorrow. The link to my Patreon page in my bio.

Thanks for the support!

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