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"Are you okay?" Dahyun approached Eunha and held her arms.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Dahyun removed her hands from her.

"S-sorry, eonni. I'm going." Dahyun excused herself and left Eunha alone.

"Dahyun?" She looked on her side and saw Jungkook. "What are you doing here? There?" He approached her.

"Hey, sorry. I just saw SinB, she invited me to go here. I'm going now." Dahyun said, Jungkook held her arm.

"Did Eunha told you something?" Jungkook asked.

"What? No, no. I am really going, talk to JHope sunbaenim. Eunha eonni does not look okay." Dahyun tapped Jungkook's hand. "I'll go to our dorm with the remaing boxes."

"What's that?" Jungkook asked.

"Nothing, it's just for the restaurant."

"I'll be out early here, I'll pick you up later."

"No, it's fine. Stay with BTS. It's better if you support your label-mate's comeback?" Dahyun smiled.

"Dahyun..." Dahyun tiptoed and pecked Jungkook's cheek.

"I'm busy this afternoon, so you stay here." She whispered on his ear. She gave him a hug before leaving BigHit, Jungkook couldn't do anything but to go to their practice room. Other members didn't notice JHope who's not feeling alright.

"Hyung." Jungkook approached him in the corner while the others are busy warming up. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing, just warm up for the practice." JHope said and started warming up, Jungkook just looked at him. JHope sighed and sat on the couch, Jungkook sat beside him. "It's not like she's the only one who's busy today. I won't be here later as the Ego comeback trailer will be released." JHope started.

"Why?" Jungkook asked.

"I will be going to Gwangju." JHope shook his head. "She lived like her whole life staying here in Seoul. I can clearly count the times she came to our real hometown, I understand that she was born here in Seoul and was raised here but it's only this time."

"Eunha, they're making a comeback later." Jungkook said.

JHope shook his head.

"I'm not forcing her anymore. Sorry Jungkook, tell the others I won't be here today until tomorrow after the practice. I'm tired." JHope sighed.

"Rest, hyung." JHope stood up and pats Jungkook's shoulder before going out.


GFriend made a comeback with BigHit entertainment, it's also the night 'EGO' comeback trailer has been released.

"It's still your birthday, eonni!" Dahyun chuckled and hugged Jihyo when she arrived at their dorm.

"Hey, I thought you won't be here." Jihyo said.

"It's my last stop for today, I will be staying with you guys here." Dahyun smiled.

"What's this?" Jihyo asked when Dahyun handed her a paper bag.

"My gift." Dahyun pecked her cheek. Jihyo smiled.

"Thank you, Dahyunie."

"I also have cupcakes and chocoloates for you." Dahyun said.

"You're very sweet. Thank you, really." Jihyo said with teary eyes.

"You crying?" Dahyun noticed her. Jihyo shook her head and sniffed.

"No, no. I better wipe this off before others could tease me for this." Jihyo chuckled, Dahyun approached her.

"Hey, eonni." Jihyo turned around, Dahyun hugged her from behind. "It's okay." She rubbed Jihyo's arm.

"You know what?" Jihyo faced her. "Everyone of us are very lucky to have you, your brother, your sister... TWICE, Jungkook."

"You all are?" Dahyun asked. Jihyo cupped her cheeks.

"You're really a good person, no matter how people around you talks, act around you, you're just you." Dahyun smiled. "Thank you, Dahyun."

"I'll do whatever I can to make a person important to me know that I care, eonni." Dahyun hugged her, Jihyo hugged her back.

After few minutes, the others got to their dorm and they ate what Dahyun brought for them.


Jungkook frowned thinking that Dahyun doesn't really listen when he said he wanted to meet her, he wants to fit his schedules to her but Dahyun also wanted to give him time for his self and for other stuffs.

"I don't want to do anything but to meet her." Jungkook sighed. He got out of the practice room, he's the only one left in that room.

"Are we going to argue about this again?"

Jungkook heard someone and saw Eunha talking to someone over the phone.

"You said you'll not be forcing me to come with you, now that you're on your way to Gwangju, you're being importunate again? Do I have to record it and flood you those voice mail saying I am not available, oppa? Yeah, let's talk about this when you get home. I don't care." Eunha hang up and turned around, she saw Jungkook. "Since when are you standing there?" She asked.

"Just now. Sorry." Jungkook turned around.

"Where are you going?" She asked.

"Home." Jungkook said.

Eunha invited him to have few drinks.

"Don't worry, sunbaenim. We won't be getting drunk, it's only one bottle for us." Eunha said, Jungkook didn't talked and drink his bottle. "Sorry for inviting you here. GFriend should distance ourselves to you, and we're not that close. Even though you're friends with my brother." Eunha looks drunk.

"You can't drink." Jungkook said.

"Hmm? No, I can." Eunha stood up, she's about to lose her balance but Jungkook catched her arm. Eunha's eyes widened, Jungkook took his hand off her when she gained her balance back.

"Go home, you'll have to prepare for your music shows. You can talk to me whenever you feel down or you wanted someone to talk to. Well, GFriend members are there for you. Whenever I am free too. Congratulations by the way." Jungkook said before he go.

Eunha got sober, but the next day she feels her head aching.

"Gosh, I'll never drink again!" She got up and went to Source Music. They are going to prepare there, after music shows, they will be staying in BigHit.

GFriend arrived in BigHit, staffs congratulated them for their comeback. They also saw TXT members, but no BTS.

Yuju excused herself to the bathroom, Eunha followed her and heard someting from BTS practice room. She thought they're in BigHit. She peeked through the door who's half opened, she saw BTS laughing and there's Dahyun. She noticed there are only six members, Jungkook is not around. JHope got back from Gwangju.

"Congratulations to your EGO comeback trailer, JHope sunbaenim. It's really nice! It's like a comeback already." Dahyun chuckled.

"Thank you, Dahyun. I wish Eunha would congratulate me too." JHope chuckled, his attention caught Eunha. She left.

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