Back Off Witch, I'm Her Brother

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Alba's POV

I run through the woods, dodging the trees.  The further I go, the darker it gets and I hate how familiar this feels - how normal  this is for me.  I feel the little branches cut at my exposed skin, but they heal before the blood makes a showing.  I dodge another tree and yelp as I smash into something else.  Something that breathes.  I feel my head collide with the side of the tree I just dodged and I slide onto the snow, dazed.

"Hello." A smooth voice drifts towards me and I struggle to breathe - I think I broke my nose when I smacked into the weird guy in front of me.  I splutter as I struggle onto my feet and I sway even though my ankle has healed completely.  I don't want to draw more attention to myself, but the quiet thing went out the window when I started choking on my own blood.

"Hi." I bend over and try to cough up whatever's making me feel so sick.  Nothing comes up so I decide to crack my nose back into joint so it heals properly.  I shudder slightly as my bone crunches and I lean against the tree, trying to see who just floored me without even trying.  He's gone.

"You're a Fife." The voice says and something inside me starts to scream.

"F-Fife?" I curse at myself as I stammer my own last name.

"I know you are a Fife.  I can smell it on you." I hate that I can't see this guy.  It means that if I run, I'm more likely to smash into him.  Again.

"I've got no idea what you're on about." I lie, but my legs feel like jelly.

"Don't lie to me!" The voice shouts and I swallow nervously.  Angry and invisible opponents aren't good.

"I'm not." I whisper.  Hands grab my neck and I gasp, startled, until they crush down on my windpipe.

"Don't lie." The voice hisses against my ear, lips touch my ear and I shudder.  Then the smell hits me.

It's him!  The voice in my head murmurs as everything goes black.


Eoin's POV

It takes me a long time to find Alba; and when I do, I almost smack into a tree.  She obviously ran into Egan, and God only knows what happened.  Her sweatshirt is stained with blood and the snow around her has turned to red sludge.  I scramble over to her and pull up her sweatshirt.

"Oh Christ." I mutter as I see the stodgy artwork Egan's carved into Alba's stomach.  A circle with a diagonal line through it.  Egan's a biology freak and this symbol  means a dead female.  I grab Alba's wrist and find her pulse quickly.  It's slow and her skin's freezing from the snow.  I feel something weird on the skin of the underside of her forearm.  I pull up her sleeves and stare at the faded scars that go up her arms.  Straight and from one side to the other.  They're deliberate.

"" Alba wheezes and I see the bruises around her throat.

"Feck." I mutter as I pick Alba up carefully, she moans in pain and I try to keep her as still as possible.  I know I've got to take her to the halfway house, but I don't think she'll like it.

It doesn't matter.  She'll be angrier if you just let her die!

Shut up.  I snap at my little voice, hating that he's right.

I go through the trees and eventually find the halfway house.  It's pretty impressive to be honest, especially when you realise it's bang in the middle of the trees.  It's two storeys and about as wide as a football pitch.  It's a surprisingly clean white colour and the brick chimney runs up the right-hand side of the house.  The house it supposed to look empty, so they keep all the curtains shut.

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