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"I forgot that you are a BigHit artist now." Dahyun said.

"Yeah." SinB smiled. "Never imagined that Source Music would be part of BigHit."

"That's nice, BTS was the first boy group. You're the only girl group of BigHit now." Dahyun smiled. "How's working at BigHit? You and BTS?"

"We don't see each other at the building, we don't bumped in to each other but for TXT, yes. It's really hard but cool. We're having our comeback this day actually."

"Oh, yeah. I saw GFriend's posts, of course I liked your pictures. I'll support that." Dahyun chuckled.

"Oh, thank you. What are these boxes?" SinB asked.

"Ah, for BTS. Chocolates and cupcakes for Kim's restaurant, I want to know their taste to improve the products we'll be adding." Dahyun said.

"Oh, right. You have a restaurant, that's nice!"

"Yeah, thank you. Uhm, maybe I made a lot, you can share this with BTS and TXT? Are they at the building?"

"Ah, TXT are there. BTS members came out early."

"You do know what's happening to them now." Dahyun chuckled.

"No, no. I just saw them going out. Do you want to come inside BigHit? GFriend are there." SinB stood up.

"Really?" Dahyun asked.

"Yeah, we're waiting for the time the music video would be released." Dahyun stood up.

"I won't be staying long." Dahyun smiled.


They went to BigHit and GFriend greeted Dahyun, she greeted them back.

"You're here for your boyfriend?" Sowon chuckled.

"Ah, no. All of them, eonni. Uh, I have something for you." Dahyun handed them the box.

"Oh, what's this?"

"We'll be the judges for what Dahyun baked and made. This is for their restaurant." SinB said.

"Oh, really? I want to taste it." Sowon opened the box. "It's a lot of these. We can't eat a lot of sweets." She frowned.

"No, no. You can share this to TXT and BTS. And I put not much sugar to that." Dahyun chuckled.

"Where's Eunha and Yuju?" Yerin asked. Umji shrugged.

"Hmm! It's perfect, Dahyun." Sowon complimented when she tasted the chocolate.

"Thank you, eonni." Dahyun bowed.

"She's right." Yerin thumbs up, Umji and SinB too.

"Thank you, guys." Dahyun smiled. TXT came inside GFriend's practice room, their manager called for them.

"Hello, sunbaenims." TXT bowed at them.

"Hello, Soobin, Yeonjun, Beomgyu, Kai, Taehyun." GFriend greeted. Dahyun bowed at them.

"Dahyun sunbaenim!" Soobin saw her. Dahyun smiled at him.

"Come, Dahyun has something for us." Yerin called. They approached them and saw the cupcakes and chocolates, they tasted it.

"Oh, this chocolates looks expensive." Soobin said.

"What??? No, no. I made that." Dahyun chuckled. "Thank you, Soobin."

"Real-really, sunbaenim??? Wah." Soobin looked really surprised.

"Thank you." Dahyun bowed. TXT also approved to what Dahyun made. "Thank you all. Maybe I don't have to give some to BTS now that I got your compliments. Thank you, so much." Dahyun thanked.

"Haha, so we're going to eat these all." Yerin said.

"No, no. You're gonna gain weight." Sowon said.

"I'm not going!" They all got startled when they heard someone yelled, it's Eunha.

"What do you mean you're not???" JHope followed her. All of them looked at Eunha and JHope.

JHope noticed them all.

"Hi, Dahyun???" He greeted and noticed Dahyun with them.

(A/N: I was thinking of making JHope and Eunha as siblings. And I think this book will extend, lol.)

Eunha noticed them when she heard JHope said that.

"Hey, guys. Dahyun..." She looked surprised. "Excuse me." She took her things and left the room.

"Eunbi, wait. Jung Eunbi!" JHope excused his self and followed Eunha again.

"Oh, JHope sunbaenim is here so it means BTS are back, I guess? And hearing my name..." SinB said. Sowon, Yerin, Umji excused and left their practice room. Same with the TXT members except for Soobin.

"I'll go find Yuju." SinB excused.

"JHope sunbaenim is Eunha eonni's brother." Dahyun said.

"Noona." Dahyun got back to her senses when Soobin called her. "O-oh, Soobin-ssi. I thought you went out with other TXT members."

"Ah, I'll follow them. Oh, sorry. I'm supposed to be calling you sunbaenim. Sorry, sunbaenim." Soobin apologized and bowed at her very low.

"No, no! Soobin. It's okay, I'm really older than you, right? Am I?" Dahyun chuckled.

"Uh, two years... N-noona." Soobin smiled.

"Two years?" Soobin bowed once again.

"I'll go now, noona." Soobin excused and ran going out of the room.

"Two years? He's born 2000? How did he know I'm born in 1998?" Dahyun asked herself.


"Don't make a scene here, oppa! If I told you, I am not coming, I am really not coming." Eunha said to JHope.

"Why??? We won't be taking long there. It's a family gathering." JHope said.

"I am busy, we have a comeback today."

"So are we, but I have to make time for this. Before it's too late."

"Too late for what? Stop making things complicated, oppa."

"I am not, you're the one making things complicated Eunha. Grandma wants to see us, Stop making your work as an excuse."

"Like what you did everytime you want to avoid these gatherings too? You're the only one who has the right to do it?"

"Hyung." They both look on their sides and saw Jungkook. Eunha looked away, Jungkook apporached them. "Hey, Eunha. What's going on here?" Jungkook asked.

"We go together, Eunbi." JHope said for the last time and excused his self, Jungkook looked at Eunha.

She wiped her tears before it could fall, still looking on the side.

"Eunha, you had a fight with Hobi hyung?" Jungkook asked.

"No." She answered. "Sorry." Eunha bowed and left. He looked at her while walking away, she get inside their practice room.


Dahyun looked around the room.

"This place looks nice." She said and turned around when she felt someone entering. It's Eunha wiping her cheeks.

"Dahyun?" She looked surprised seeing her there. "What are you doing here?"

"Eonni, h-hello. Uh, I just uhm..."

"Jungkook is outside." Eunha said.

"Uh, is that so. Are you okay?" Dahyun asked.

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