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My entry for the ONC 2020. This will be the third one I've entered, and the longest story I've written since ONC 2019. So excited!

I've chosen two prompts so far, with a third one hovering around in the back of my mind.

Both are listed under the Romance banner, although as usual, my story will also be sci-fi and feature a gay hero.

My two prompts are:

67. Well, that was a New Year's Eve kiss you won't forget anytime soon.


68. You meet someone who seems to be perfect for you, but after digging into their past it turns out a string of crimes has been following them. None of those crimes have officially been solved.

Update May 2020 - and yes, I managed to include a third prompt:

50. The only thing left in the train was a pocket watch, an empty leather bag and three drops of blood by the window

Happy reading everyone!

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