The War of the Neighbors Chapter 1

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Yes, I know a new story.

I just thought of it and well, got excited.


Another bright and chirpy morning, I thought as I sat up in my single bed.

I looked over at my girlfriend who was sitting in her own single bed.

We smiled at each other. "Good morning," I said lazily.

She smiled and got out of bed. "Breakfast will be ready soon," she said before kissing my cheek.

I smiled and got ready for school.

Our college isn't very far from where we live.

I'm studying to be a lawyer and, Diana, my girlfriend, is studying to be a dentist.

We were a young happy couple, high school sweet hearts.

After I had gotten ready for school I joined Diana down stairs. I said a quick grace before we eat.

Afterwards, I cleaned the kitchen as Diana got ready to go.

We walked out the door, hand in hand, to the car.

We piled inside and drove off to school.

(The Rocker)

Katelyn was on top of me, sound asleep.

The moon light shinned into my room.

I opened my eyes and sat up a little.

Kate opened her eyes and smiled at me.

"Hi," she slurred together. Still a little drunk from last night, I guess.

I grinned and got out of bed.

I lit up a cigarette and walking into the kitchen.

The guys were already there eating dry cereal and drinking beer.

I joined them and stuffed my face.

"Last night was awesome!" our drummer, Chad said.

"Yeah, it was. We killed it!" I agreed.

"Then brought it back and killed it again," our guitar player, Mike said.

We raised our glasses and cheered.

"We have another gig in three hours," our bassist, Jimmy said.

I grinned. "Can't wait,"

"Try not to get too drunk, this time, Jordan,"

"Whatever," I snapped as Katelyn walked in.

"Hi boys," she said sitting next to me. She kissed me on the lips and stole my beer.

I shrugged and wrapped my hair around her. I light up my cigarette as I watched our next door neighbors pull up into the drive way.

I shook my head.

We have some pretty lame ass neighbors.

Never meet them, never will.

Just the way we like it.

The band, Katelyn and I got ready and hit the road.

We had a concert to attend to.

(The Nerd)

Diana and I got back home and she went to the kitchen to cook dinner.

I had to study for my exam.

"Joshua," she called.

"Coming, honey," I said underlining an important sentence.

I joined her at the table shortly after and said grace.

I finished grace and we eat our dinner. We made small talk and studied together for an hour. Then played a quick game of chess and watched the weather.

Diana then took a shower then I did after her.

We got ready for bed and crawled into our beds.

She blew me a kiss and I caught it.

"Good night," we said and turned off the light.

Suddenly there was loud music from next door.

The neighbors.

I don't like them.

Never meet them, never will, and don't want to.

They are rude, irresponsible hooligans.

I looked over at Diana and she shrugged.

"Try to get some sleep," she said.

I rolled my eyes and covered my face with my pillow.

This happens every night! And, frankly I'm sick of it.

(Jordan's Point Of View)

Our concert was awesome!

We're back at our place throwing the best party ever.

The music was blasting and everyone was drunk.

Ashley and I grinned against each other in the living room aka dance floor.

We started making out but was interrupted by the doorbell.

I pulled way and walked to the door.

I opened it and there was a skinny ass dude.

He looked pissed.

"What the hell?" I slurred.

"Turn you music down at once! I will not stand for this non sense anymore!"

"What the hell?"

I didn't understand a damn word out of this guys mouth.

"Daniel," a sweet voice chimed. "Leave them a lone come inside,"

"No! Diana, this needs to stop," said the Daniel guy.

A blond haired girl came into view and looked at me.

No way.

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